Outemu Silent Tactile Stem, Housing Shootout Sound Comparison


Follow up: Testing Outemu Sky and Outemu Ice housings with this stem:

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Really interesting comparison! I’m just diving into this sort of thing myself and have found your channel to be very helpful and informative. I just did a little write-up of some silent switches myself - thought it looks like I might not have chosen the best housings. :wink: (Yok yok yok…) I knew housings made a difference, but these two videos here have helped me realize how much of a difference they really make - I’ll definitely be revisiting my quest for the quietest switch after seeing these!

I’m using the non-silent Sky 2.2 stem in some Gateron Yellows [with stock Gateron spring] and it’s not bad.

Has anyone experimented with Sky / Silent Sky stems in the Gateron housing as a serious Ergo Clear-like tactile? I’m even thinking of trying regular MX Clear stems.