PC Games Thread

Since there’s a thread about anime, how about PC games in which a keyboard is used? Do keyboard enthusiasts play PC games? What genres do you like? What games do you normally play?

Also, which PC game genre would having an uber mechanical keyboard be beneficial, FPS or RTS or 2D side-scrollers or something else?

As for me, I mainly play RTS such as Starcraft 2 and Company of Heroes 2. I occasionally play FPS but only those story-oriented single player ones like the Metro series, Bioshock series, etc. and I also love RPGs. Witcher 3 was awesome and I’m looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 (who isn’t looking forward to it anyway?).


Im boring and mainly play OW, really looking forward to Anthem

Slap City anyone?

Currently playing through Fallout New Vegas for the third time. The fact that NV doesn’t require fast reaction time makes it possible to play with my Box Navy board which makes everything MUCH more satisfying to play.

I play Stardew Valley when not busy exploring Zelda Breath Of The Wild.

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I play PUBG and CS:GO.

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Big PC gamer here myself! In fact PC gaming is what got me into the MKB hobby TBH. I originally got a Rosewill Apollo full sized with Cherry browns for gaming which served me well. Although then I stumbled across r/MK, GH, & DT, found out you could build & tune MKBs far beyond what is offered with factory made boards, all the crazy form factors available with custom kits, & most importantly the program-ability. That sucked me right into the hobby big time, LOL!

As far as games I have been playing lately, The Binding of Issac: Rebirth still got me hooked & I play that quite often (probably the most TBH), I’ve been doing a second play-through of the Witcher 3, & AC: Origins would be the other game I have been playing lately. Also a little Fortnite thrown in when my crew is all online & want s to jam.

My PC is still pretty beastly even though it’s pushing 4 yrs old (6700K @ 4.5 core/cache, Gigabyte Xtreme 980ti @ 1503MHz core/2000MHz memory, Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 mobo, & 32GB (4 sticks X 8GB) of G. Skill Ripjaws 320MHz. Although I’ve been feeling the need to upgrade soon, that is if I can swing the cash for upgrades with all my MKB projects I got in the works LOL! To very expensive, yet really rewarding hobbies IMHO! :metal:


Mostly play Overwatch and use either my Prime M or whatever board thats hooked up. Normally my Minivan.

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I think RTS is the most keyboard-heavy game, and I definitely wouldn’t want to play it on a non-mechanical keyboard. I’m a massive fan of SC2 but it’s so demanding that I haven’t played it myself for quite a while.

Lately I’ve just been playing Fallout 4 and not much of that, sadly don’t have any time for much besides sleep and work. I will probably sacrifice some of the former however when the new WoW xpac comes out. I think I’m done with the end game of WoW, they really ruined it in Legion, but I’m sure I’ll always join at least a few months of each xpac.

Is AC: Origins really good as they say? AC2 was the only AC game I really enjoyed. Revelations bored me to death.

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What race do you play? I play terran and am low platinum level. I too barely play anymore but I do watch pro matches like GSL and WCS.

I played the WoL beta as Protoss, but I switched to Zerg after the beta and stuck to it as long as I played. Just loved the mechanics of it. I was platinum most of the time, but managed diamond a couple times. Probably if I went back now I’d be silver or gold, it’s been so long and the people who still play are so good haha. I also did 4v4s with randoms for fun and was master league for a while XD

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I would say it is a pretty good entry into the AC series, the last ones that I really liked were Black Flag & Rouge. Also I have a similar feeling to you on them, the first & second ACs were great to me, then I burned out on the later games of Etzio’s story line. Three was a disappointment to me & they wasted a great chance there IMO. The setting was perfect, but bad characters & stale gameplay killed it. Black Flag & Rouge were good games, but more cause of the added naval gameplay than any true core gameplay upgrades. Unity was mess all around, even now that it’s mostly fixed I feel like it has bland characters & stale gameplay just like three. Syndicate has some decent innovations & drew me in a little bit, but I was kinda burned out on AC by that point. Should give it another go TBH.

Origins on the other hand has a fresh feel about it, mostly because of good characters & some added gameplay tactics. Don’t get me wrong it still is AC too a tee for the most part, but has me fairly sucked into it’s story & gameplay style. If you can get it cheap, especially with all the DLC I’d say go for it.

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There days I’ve mostly been playing OW With Top Clack discord folks and occasionally hopping around Fallout 4 (I’m a bit late to that party I guess). Other than that, I got a Switch lately so that’s been cutting into my PC gaming time.

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HOTS because I am a super casual

Copious amounts of Warframe.

Just finished Fallout 4 GOY, probably will torture myself for a bit and start playing Dark Souls remaster and then jump on some PS2 Classics via PCSX2.

I’m currently playing
Quake Champions, Warcraft 3 (going back to it because i prefer it over StarCraft 2), Slay the Spire and Dead Cells.

Have always been a fan of games like Binding of Isaac, so I had to pick up Enter the Gungeon when I saw that it was 50% off. Love it so far! Other than that, I’m big into R6:S when I can get a group of friends to play together. When I eventually get bored of those, I’ll eventually pick up Octopath Traveler on Switch.

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I got Quake Champions for free but haven’t tried it yet. Is it noob-friendly?