Percent Volt

241 Likes, 18 Comments - Percent Studio ( on Instagram: “Let me introduce our new project! Percent Volt. This is the first time we have added Bluetooth to…”

It looks like an over-engineering Rama project. It has a lot going on. Possibly too much (visually). What do you think?


Definitely looks like a RAMA. I really don’t like the top two rows aligned like that in general, but especially on a TKL


agreed, that combined with everything else makes it feel like it’s trying to do too many thing at the same time in a very distracting way. It having bluetooth seems pretty nifty though.


I actually like how busy it is in contrast to how simple most designs are. I don’t mind the two top rows being aligned like that only because it’s the F-key and number row.

Don’t care much for bluetooth but if it’s got solid battery life then it’s a plus.


I actually do like how it looks as well. The compactness of it. I don’t see this on their website, are they planning a GB on this?


It was on their Instagram page to drum up interest. Will most likely be a GB after they see what people are wanting from it.

Personally, I like the design, and I find it a little more appealing than the U-80, and I’m normally a massive RAMA hype man. Plus the Bluetooth is really nice.

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Same here. Bluetooth would be really useful in my use case scenario of having 3 computers on my desk.
This colour scheme is pretty dope.

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I think that once this design would not have passed but it would have been criticized more or less rightly, precisely because it was too inspired, but I see that only with certain people there are controversy. However I prefer U-80

KMK Labs.

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Now that MT3 Serika is in IC I might have to pick this up. It does look a little busy and really pushing the boundaries of what I’m comfortable with but I’m willing to give this a try.

Having that F row right up against the number row is a nice choice IMO. I prefer compact layouts with minimal wasted space.

I’m not sure about that groove that goes all the way around the top. Looks like it would probably collect a lot of cheeto dust. It is aesthetically pleasing though.

Does it really need so much space dedicated to logos? Seems like overkill.

It’s like the gold trimmed white Caddy Deville in the 80’s. I like it! :grin:

Well it’s all about preference but I must admit I really like that “heavy” look it has. Would go super nice with GMK Heavy Industry imo!

And this feels / looks like a really good quality keyboard too.

I am really liking it.


I respect Percent’s attempt to try new things. I think with some slight editing this could be a winner.


Just found this keyboard, thought it looked nice.
However, what’s up with WKL keyboards? It’s as if people decided they no longer liked having a useful or ergonomic modifier row.

First of all, let’s be fair here - no part of a TKL is ergonomic. Second, it’s an aesthetic choice - the same way that HHKB blockers are all the rage on 60% boards and arrow key blockers on 65/70%.

Sure, I’d agree that TLKs aren’t ergonomic, but at least the HHKB layout makes the argument for moving Ctrl over to where Caps Lock usually sits, so you still have your Alt/Windows or Alt/Command. I would be more understanding of WKL if the Ctrl sat adjacent to the Alt key.

I think @Lesbian’s latter point is the most defining one. it’s a completely aesthetic choice. I for one do not know anyone who uses the windows key, I seldom use it as well.
I use the ctrl key a lot and the transition to hhkb layout has been difficult and find myself hitting the empty corner.

The hhkb is also missing a lot of keys that you would expect to find in a keyboard so I understand that having more keys on bottom row that trigger different layers is a must, but not so much in TKLs

I understand, and there’s no argument I or anyone can really present against personal aesthetic preferences. I suppose the utilitarian argument for keeping all three modifier keys is more compelling for Mac users such as myself. It’s true, I barely use the windows key when using Windows, but it’s in constant use as the alt key when I use my Mac.

You can remap the modifier keys in macos, or just program them differently, I have to use a mac for work, I’ve moved command to where caps lock usually is and alt to the key left of the spacebar, works fine with WKL boards. As far as the windows key goes, I usually put it on the key to the right of the spacebar on WKL boards as I never use the mods to the right of the spacebar or the windows key.