Plaid and Mill-Max 0305

Hi, I’m looking to get a Plaid and a Plaid Pad, and would like to Mill-Max 0305 sockets on them.

Asking the vendor (, they’re not sure about the compatiblility, so I thought I’d ask here, maybe someone has the experience or the possibility to test it out.

Thanks in advance!

From what I understand, there wouldn’t be anything preventing you from using them - but they might make switches sit a hair higher than they normally would. If you haven’t seen it already, there’s some good discussion about different hot-swap sockets and compatibility in this thread.

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Thanks. Maybe I need a Dremel after all… Adding to the pile of tools that I’m not sure I can justify buying due to the expected frequency of use :sweat_smile:

But even that won’t help with the hole size. If guess there’s only one way to find out :nerd_face:

For small / light jobs like that, you won’t need a “real” Dremmel - there’s this cheap thing sold online / at Harbor Freight that would quickly die if you tried more heavy-duty work with it, but I think it would be ideal for tiny things like shaving down Milmax sockets, smoothing edges of sharp aluminum things, or giving yourself a manicure.

The more modest versions of the kit are like 20 bucks. The company that makes it is “Chicago Electric” (also sold under the “Drill Master” name) - not sure where Chicago is in China, but they sure aren’t made in Illinois.

You can Dremel the mill max sockets parts that sits above the PCB. However if you hold the tool too long it reduces the hole size. I only did 4 and 2 of them the holes became too small to hold a switch. If you hit the Dremel at a high speed for under 2 seconds it seemed to more successful then slower speed for longer.

It is possible using a file might yield better results. I just don’t know if I can but myself through that for a while boards worth.

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what exactly are you doing with the Dremel? reducing the upper lip of the 0305 sockets to reduce the height difference that the switches would be sitting at relative to flush against the pcb?

EDIT: never mind. got around to looking through the thread that was linked by deadeye.

I have 0305s on a discipad with no switch plate and it def affects the switches from sitting flush. however, I’ve used 0305s and 7305s on pcbs with no issues, provided that they have a switch plate. 7305s are def more flush and depending on the switch and if it’s 5-pin vs 3-pin, I think it sits secure enough for me.

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