Post your cable(s)


I start with mine…
this is my 1st customs cable, so i just start with the basic one, not trying to mix and match with keyset
paid 25 usd for this from local store arround here…
using techflex and aviator connector…
definitely gonna grab some more…

*sorry for potato pic

post yours
give others inspiration…


Who made the cable? Would love a cable like that at that price especially.


Here’s the one I’ve been using personally. Had a customer interested in the copper sleeving and loved the look so bought some more for myself.


some local cable guy in here (indonesia), too bad he wont ship int’ly.
I asked him to create a group buy, but he said he got no time since he got other things to do


Does this count? :stuck_out_tongue:


Detachable cable from Zap Cables to match my SA Godspeed set on my K-Type:


Yarbo cable here! Got another type C one coming aswell.




U still broke my cable virginity <3


@westfoxtrot was I the customer along with Swires?


Both are the same cable though each look like they are different shades… guess I have to work on my lighting :grin::camera_flash:



#14 Just a few thousand :sweat_smile:


Apologies for potato. Jumbo cable from 90n1ne :3


Hope there’s gonna be extras. Need.


A @westfoxtrot special :wink:


Clark Kable (Cream)

KyungHee’s custom cables (KBDLab)


sorry for the late question, but do you mind sharing a link for this cable for type c and micro? thanks a lot in advance


Just wondering, who’s everyone’s favorite cable makers nowadays? For a cool minute it seemed like a lot of people were poppin’ out of nowhere but the scene seems to have stabilized.


dang that looks ridiculously clean :100: