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Having just finished transplanting my PC build into a new NCASE M1 I figured it would be fun to see other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts computers. Any Computer is welcome but of course I’d love to see some of your amazing builds! Feel free to post specs if you want.

Here’s mine:

NCASE M1 V6.1 Case
Intel i7 6700K @ 4.3GHz
Asus Z170i motherboard
MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
Scythe Big Shuriken Rev B CPU Cooler
Noctua 92mm case fan
Corsair SF450 PSU


I think to really flex that case, you need to picture it next to a full sized board that is longer than it

Haha I’ll have to put it next to the Dolch PAC!

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Wow, eh, that’s pretty small! Open air cooled too. Nice

Very power efficient.

Here’s my home setup :

The keyboard is no longer in my possesion and now I rotate different stuff.

The top&right cabinets are stashed with keyboard stuff. When they get full and I can no longer drop a needle in them, stuff gets sold.


Oooh I like this. Did you build the desk yourself?

I use my desktop so little that it isn’t even plugged in right now, but here’s my NAS/Server setup:

16GB ECC memory
34TB JBOD storage

I’ve been considering upgrading the motherboard to something more modern but it still runs fine so I haven’t really bothered aside from looking at a few options.


I had it made custom together with my living room furniture. I could say I designed the schematics. For more than a year after moving we only had a flip table for the TV and the couch in the living room.

I wanted a desk but also value minimalism and don’t like may items everywhere so I came up with the idea when I saw an Ikea flip desk :

I took things further and increased the box size to my measurements to install a slim LED monitor and make the box tall enough to be used as a stand up desk when folded.

I’m pretty happy with the result :slight_smile:

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Next to my old case (Define R5)

Next to 5 degree for size comparison. That board is now in a Green Tofu case.

Louqe Ghost S1 Case in “Pangaea” Green
Ryzen 7 1700
Asus ROG Strix B450-I
GTX 1060 Founders Edition (Lower performance and louder I know, but AESTHETICS!)
16 GB G.Skill Trident Z that I turn off the LEDs on because I kinda hate RGB in computers… and keyboards
Noctua NH-L9x65
Corsair SF600 PSU


I build a desk myself, and while i moved it to the living room, i could agree with the wife that i def. need a rack, so it’s now a leg of the desk :slight_smile:

for specs:

Ryzen 7 1700X
Vega 64
64gb RAM
Samsung 970 EVO M.2
Alphacool Eiswolf

and some cheap 16:10 monitors


I actually custom printed caps from WASD in an effort to match the case. The purple isn’t exactly the same, but I feel like the build looks close enough. I named her “The Purple Princess.”

16gb DDR4 ram
Samsung 960 EVO + 3tb hdd storage
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro
NZXT S340 (purple and white)


Classy pairing, even with the camping deskmat!

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An older pic, but I haven’t upgraded anything other than adding more storage since this.

i7 6700k @ 4.6GHz core & uncore under a Corsair H100i
EVGA SC2 1080ti, put into a Alphacool Eiswolf @ 2025/1500MHz
G. Skill RipjawsV DDR4 - 32GB (4 x 8GB) @ 3200MHz
Gigabyte GAZ170X Gaming 7
Seasonic X-series 1250w (I had a crossfired 390x setup for awhile)
Samsung 840 Evo 250GB (boot)
Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
Samsung 860 Evo 1TB
Toshiba 5TB, 3TB, & 1 TB HDDs
Rosewill Cullinan ATX mid tower case (tempered glass panels)

The CPU could use an upgrade sooner than later seeing how core count has shot through the roof since I originally built this, but the good ole’ 6700k is still chugging along just fine with gaming & regular desktop stuff.


I’m just covered in keyboards and parts. I don’t know if can find my PC. Send help. But I really enjoy SFF builds and I’m jealous


:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: You need an extra stick of ram in that potato so you can run true DDR.

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Haha it was a real good excuse to clean up half my desk. Prior to that I’d be in the same position as you.

Let’s play “find the motherboard”

A home graded server

My playground

@cijanzen ncase m1 is my dream case, followed closely by dan4sfx


Love the minimalist look!! +1 for near a window with nice lighting, too!

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