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I’m glad Nvidia is pushing hard, but I’m good with my 2060 for a while. My wallet is dedicated to another expensive hobby at the moment.

Same, I’m a Dota player and my current 1070 card does the job just fine.
Plus the huge dimensions would not make it fit in a mini itx case…


Thats what I was thinking, two fans as intake on bottom. 2 side fans/C14s exhausting, with the rear 92 as an intake to get some fresh air to the CPU.

I’ll pick one up and try it out.

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3080 reviews coming in.

2x performance increase over 2080 was bogus as expected. But overall performance increase seems solid across the board for >1440p use. Thermals look reasonable (not ideal for sandwhich style SFF…), fan noise is similar (?) vs 2080/2080TI FE.

Taken from the r/SFF sub thread:

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Unless Cyberpunk 2077’s ray tracking implementation is over the top, I’ll probably be sticking with my 1080Ti.

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I’m excited to hear your findings. I won’t be upgrading immediately but it would be nice to know that it works or not!

No upgrading for me; still happy with my 8700k & 2060 :slight_smile:

But also Cyberpunk 2077 in 1080p on med or low settings probably too :man_shrugging:

Didn’t end up nabbing one. I’m guessing it sold old almost immediately. Ah well, may as well wait for the big Navi announcement while things get restocked.

They really need a way to combat bots snatching up all of the products, when they are released or have more stock on hand…

Yes. I never saw a buy button. Went straight from “notify me” to “out of stock”.

Am I the only one that has little to no interest in cyberpunk? I love the genre and that sort of stuff, but the game just looks so uninteresting to me, and it has so much hype that there is no way it can possibly live up to. I also probably am biased because I found the witcher boring af.

I’m like kinda interesting in a 3070, my vega 64 doesn’t do a great job pushing my 1440 ultrawide but I’m pretty happy to wait a while I think, maybe another gen or if there’s good sales in like six months or a year.


Nah, I’m also not particularly excited about it (Keanu Reeves seems the most exciting thing about it to me) but I am also kinda just generally not into their past work (The Witcher) and on a more personal note I’m… let’s say skeptical about how well they’re ultimately going to be handling, uh, trans stuff considering it seems like they’ve bumbled communication around that quite a bit so far.

Mostly just don’t wanna bum folks out since I know a lot of people are excited about it. Just doesn’t seem like it’s for me (which is fine).

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I don’t know much about the actual gameplay. I saw the first teaser but haven’t kept up with it (and I’m “a gamer”). I think I’m just getting old and set in my ways.

could you elaborate more or link to something regarding the trans stuff? I haven’t heard about this and was kind of excited for the game, would hate to support bigots tho :confused:

I think it is a normal behaviour with RPG games.
If you are not completely in line with the proposed universe it is difficult to be fully immerged and attracted to it. That does not mean that the game is bad, just that it is not for you.
Like you I never be attracted by the Witcher, does not mean that it is bad.
But Deus Ex Human revolution, damn I loved this game…

I don’t know, but my guess is that it has to do with that the developers are polish(at least the Witcher dev are) And it’s a very catholic country that is very anti-gay in it’s political agenda.

Edit : just skimmed through the posts below and what I get is that my statement wasn’t it… :upside_down_face:

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I wouldn’t really characterize anything I’ve seen as bigoted! It’s moreso “I think they mean well but could do better if they worked with advocacy groups to dial it in”—same thing I’d recommend for folks trying to add meaningful representation of, say, disability or anything else that doesn’t come from their personal experience. Just some slightly off stuff that they could totally pull through on with a bit of help imo, combined with a broad lack of that sort of approach being implemented in the industry at large making me skeptical about whether or not they’ll do it.

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I have to admit, I will be looking very closely at either a RTX 3090, 3080 (20GB) or 3070 (16GB) for rendering purposes…

Even a 3070 has 1.35x the CUDA cores of a 2080 Ti (not that I have one…) and 2.41x for the 3090. :open_mouth:

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After playing Shadowrun, with my wife and a group of her friends, I can’t wait to see how Cyberpunk 2077 turns out. I’m fully expecting any thing, that can be sexualized, to be sexualized / over sexualized, as it the world of Cyberpunk after all and the big corps know, that sex sells. The controversial trans MIX IT UP ad, has been the back ground on my phone, sense it was released. Prior to that, it was a Anne Taintor birthday card, that said, Has any one seen my hormones? :slight_smile:

How have they bumbled the communication, if you don’t mind my asking?

Note: I’ve never really played the Witcher games, because I’m not a fan of 3rd person games, because their camera systems tend to leave me feeling nauseated. That being said, I did really enjoy the first Witcher season on NetFlix.

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Yeah I didn’t really mind the MIX IT UP thing—in context I think it’s totally fine and fitting for the genre/setting—the two things I really recall were a thing where they communicated (or had a demo where? I can’t remember now) your choice of voice register was what indicated which pronouns folks would use to refer to you (which is… a bit frustrating), and a lot of waffling around non-binary stuff (which I understand to be pretty linguistically difficult in Polish).

But us trans folks are about as far from a monoculture as can be, I think; what works for some folks doesn’t work for others, and just because that stuff doesn’t necessarily work for me doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad.

(Also only having two voice options in the character creator seems fully buck wild to me coming from fond memories of playing Saint’s Row 3/4, but that’s a digression)

Actually if anybody wants to read a little bit about the thing I said about the Polish language, and non-binary pronoun usage generally being difficult in several languages, I cannot possibly recommend this post from the Outer Wilds dev log enough, although it’s probably worth warning that there are perhaps some minor spoilers in there if you haven’t played it (which I fully recommend that you do if you like Myst at all). A short summary: it’s tough!

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