Post your keyboard display!

I just cleaned up my shelves quite a bit and then properly organized them.

First is the 60% shelf!

In the two TX cases, are my E6-v2 FE, and my TGR 910PC (not 60%, but it fits best here)
In the top row from left to right, there is the Leaf60, TX60, HHKB, Futura60, and GON NerD60
In the next shelf there is the SS AEK64 and the X60
In the bottom shelf there is another TX60 and a Duck Viper

Next up is the TKL shelf

In the two cases there is a TGR Jane v2 and a Mira TKL. Next to them is a RF87u with a custom case.
In the top shelf there is a Model M SSK, a Norbaforce, a Verne, a JER-A06 (aka J80), and an Elemento FR87.
In the next shelf there is a ALF X1.1 and a Duck Unicorn (Acrylic)
On the bottom shelf there is a Norbatouch and a Time TKL

Lastly, the “etc size” shelf

In the boxes and case there is a G80-1800HEU, an Alice, a Zephyr, and a fullsized Varmillo EC board.
On the top shelf there is a IBM Pingmaster, a Meme, a Kira96, a Singa, and a DSI Compact.
On the next shelf is a E7-v1 FE and a KBD75.
On the bottom shelf there is a CA66 and a nightfox.

This is all of the boards I’m able to cleanly organize so far. I have quite a few other boards under my bed, in storage bins/boxes, and just laying around in general. I have one more shelf I can organize in the same manner as 3 three shelves which I’ll probably do next.

I still need to build and add my TR60 and Unikorn to these shelves somehow -_-. I also technically must always have 1-2 keyboards out to have space for my keyboards. When this picture was taken I was using my Lubrigante.


This is an old photo so it doesn’t correctly display my current inventory of keyboards. I’m pretty happy how the shelf worked out as a keyboard display as it shows off the keyboards at a nice angle. I just wish that I had purchased the wider version as some TKL don’t fit and if they do it’s very tight.

Edit: You’ll have to click on the picture to see the whole shelf.


I have these same shelves and have been using them for comics! Urgh! They’re becoming keyboard displays now! That looks great, well done.

Yep! I also use the space behind the angled display shelf to store switches, springs, micro controllers, etc.

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Damn, that’s a good idea!
I’m doing that this weekend!

Be sure to add some kind of padding on the bottom lip of the angled shelves, wouldn’t want any scratched keyboards.

any suggestions for material for the padding? I use the wider versions of these in my bookcase display.

I should also get an updated picture soon - I have added some lighting.

I put about 6 flat rubber bump-ons along each bottom lip.

I’ve got a couple of shoe racks for my boards and they seem to work pretty well. Most shoe racks even have angled shelves to show them off a bit more. Unfortunately, I found that over time the rubber feet on a couple of my heavier boards would slide off due to the angle, plus with two rows of boards you would end up having the top one rest on the bottom one a bit, so I decided to go with flat shelves this time.


Maybe in the future for the slanted shoe racks you could put a mat or something underneath to help the boards not slide off :thinking:I really like the idea of using shoe racks like you did since they can be pretty roomy to fit boards on

They don’t slide off the shelves, but I found that the rubber feet on a couple of the boards had shifted several mm leaving a trail of adhesive, if that makes sense. It could just be bad adhesive.

Hmm that sounds like bad adhesive if you ask me. How steeply angled are the angled shoe racks?

With a lot of boards that come with bad rubber bumpers, I usually end up having to buy my own to replace them down the line -_-. I know that feeling

Not sure about the angle, but it’s nothing extreme. Do you have a recommendation for replacement feet BTW?

My latest kb: Typewriter 68


That is one beautiful beast

Wow that is an amazing looking board! Although this thread is for posting pics of the way you display your keyboards at home. Post those pics over on this thread so everybody can see that beauty!

Okay, I’ll try to post there tonight. Thanks for the suggestion!

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thank you, it’s heavy as hell :smile:

Best way I could show it :slight_smile:
Ikea shelves on both sides of the balcony doors.


A MTG player :blush:

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