Post Your Keyboards!


3d Printed case for my Alpha28 with DSA Legacy


WOW! :eyes::star_struck:




Your the creator of the Alpha28 right? Me and a friend of mine have tried fully switching to it and we are having a great time. We are also working on a higher end case for it. If you have a discord we would love to add you. :smiley:


@SlipperyPeteED I believe he posts most his stuff on the 40% Discord found here:


thanks for the tip!


Took a pic of the whole gang


Nice collection! Quite the variety too.


still so mad that I never go the white mods. I love green, but green mods on this set is too much green


Current collection


Good title. Nice boards! :wink:


Got the case back from powder coating and the keycaps showed up the mail. Also waiting on the rest of the Red Panda switches, stabs, red anodized top plate, and Volcanic Orochi to come in. Did a preliminary fitment to see how the the caps looked with the color of the powder coating. I am quite happy with the result! Got to get the pandas lubed, stabs clipped and lubed, everything soldered on, and dynamat added to the inside of the case. Excited to finish this build!

Edit: After a recommendation from the better half, I’ve ordered a red ISO enter key and will replace the backspace key with a matching red key as well. This will change the theme to a white/dark gray/red theme, which I think will look better.


Looks lovely!

Question - if you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for the powder coating service? I got a case where the anodizing is pretty good but still a little hit and miss with some weird black streaking; actually trying to sell it to help save up for another board but if it doesn’t sell, I was thinking about asking a shop to re-finish it.


Thanks! I have a agreement worked out with them for a pretty great price as I am having them do quite a few cases for me, so I am unable to discuss the price. If you can find a local shop, powder coating is a great option!


ah no worries!

Thanks again for sharing, I’ll definitely keep power coating in mind.



Leaf 80 with GMK True Olivetti on C³ Tangerines


oof, I think I saw something about that ano gradient thing that you have there once awhile back and this looks very, very nice.


WoB on the Tofu. Wobfu?


Looks great man, very classy! WoB goes perfectly with the case. :ok_hand: