Post Your Keyboards!


SA Carbon just always looks right.


I think this is the nicest shot of the Kira I’ve seen yet!


I believe that is a TX-CP! :slight_smile:


TX-CP in White


E7-V1 | GMK WoB | Gateron Blacks


Beautiful shot of a beautiful board!


‘Pale White’ JER Mini // ePBT 9009 // 65g Milky Tangerines


Did you use the stock springs on your milky tangerines?


I used 65g SPRiT springs :slight_smile: Might of found my perfect weight for linears!


JER Mini. GMK Royal Alpha. Lubed tangerines


Man, seeing these JERs makes me regret missing that one.


  • TKC1800 in Yellow Jacket, Red anodized plate.
  • Genuine Cherry stabs - Clipped, Lubed, and bandaid modded.
  • 67G Zilent V2s, Springs lubed with 3203.
  • Red indicator leds.
  • DSA Drifter.
  • Custom cable built from Zap Cables DIY kit with paracord sourced elsewhere.
  • Mangler Orochi on Esc.

More Pics:



This is my latest project. Tada68 with black low profile aluminium case, black painted plate, lubed genuine stabilizers, dsa pbt doubleshot black keycaps and Zilents V2.


Got a DZ60 over the weekend and put together this dreamy combo!

  • 5* alloy case powder coated with dynamat sound deadener inside the case to keep it quiet
  • Lubed retooled Cherry Blacks
  • Lubed, clipped, and bandaid modded stabs
  • SA MP Retro Beige with Pulse accents
  • KeyForge Sodium Lake Orochi
  • KeyForge Blue Malayan Snakey


That Orochi is awesome, need to find myself one of those.


Thanks! It is actually a one off KeyForge made for the UTMK meetup that happened last weekend.


Looks fantastic.



This ended up looking really great! I am happy to see that a paintball anno shop was willing to work with a keyboard. Every time I contacted one they told me they could not do something as large as a keyboard, or gave me a ridiculously high quote.