Post Your Keyboards!


MF68, but with a replacement PCB (runs QMK) and lightly lubed Gateron browns with new springs (hadn’t enough to cover all keys with the same springs, but most are 67 grams aftermarket springs from aliexporess. Pretty happy with this board, aside from a terrible screwup with the spacebar stab. Oh well.


Octagon V2 Zealios 65g, lubbed, stickered, and led sip socketed / KBDfans DSA DYE-SUB KEYCAPS




Just did a new build tonight, and it’s quite an interesting feeling/sounding board.

  • KBDFans Tina-C in gray
  • Gateron Blacks from NovelKeys that have the transparent top and black bottom
  • Carbon Fiber plate from 1upkeyboards with fixed HHKB layout
  • Cherry stabilizers clipped, lubed with 3204 and band-aid modded
  • Satan GH60
  • GMK plum

First, got inspired because I ordered some V2 Zeals, and saw the Gateron branding and remembered that when I was first getting into the hobby that Gaterons were all the rage. So, I picked up the Nixdorf lookalikes that NovelKeys had from Gateron because I am never going to spend money on real Nixies, but I really wanted the aesthetic of them.

Everyone is using brass as the plate (I did too for one of my builds and will again in my Rocketeer), but carbon fiber really doesn’t get a ton of love at the moment. In lieu of me doing my full plastic build, I wanted to retain a non-metal plate.

Case got picked because it’s the HHKB layout, I love my Tina-A build, and Space gray all the things is still not a bad idea to me. This Tina was a PITA to open up because the screws came to me pre-stripped, so I hammered my screw driver into them to be able to unscrew the case.

PCB is a Satan because I remember when a GH60 Satan PCB was the thing to have, and I absolutely detest RGB on keyboards now, like a lot. Plus, it’s a really cheap PCB.

Finally, I owned GMK plum before, but I sold it because I was thinking I was leaving MX style boards behind when I got my first wave of Topre. Long story short, Topre got boring to me and Plum is probably my all time favorite keycap set, and when I saw Keyclack had some, I jumped on that fast.

If you read all of this, your attention span is commendable. Have some pictures now.


Got my OLKB alloy case back from the powder coaters today. I am super happy with how well they matched the color to my brass top plate!


Brown Tofu case, XDA Canvas, Zilents v2 62g on the GK64 hotswap PCB. Custom plate is still in progress, but already loving this board :heart_eyes:


Tokyo 60 (Rose Gold) with lubed Kaihlstotle switches and XDA Canvas R2


MAO White Fox Lab Orange 75% with SP DSA.


Finally finished my modern take on a LM-2

S7 Elephant, Tangerines, GMK Space Cadet


Damn right !


Custom pcb from Geekhack member TalkingTree + wasd v2 steel plate + Dynamat between pcb & plate, 67g zealios v1, costar stabs, qmx clips, AliExpress alu case from YMDK, GMK Burgundy with KR alphas


Midnight blue with white caps, just beautiful.





Happy to see some more TKL No1 Love. The pink popping between those keycaps is killer.


You have a killer No.1 too :smiley:


Input Club Kira with SA Carbon. I put Gateron Greens on it for the moment but eventually plan to use Massdrop Holy Pandas. It’s fairly nice, although the misalignment of the G and H switches is pretty glaring, and the bottom seems slightly warped so it doesn’t quite sit flat on my desk. I ended up putting some rubber feet on the bottom, and that helped.

I do find that it’s a little difficult to find things like the arrow keys, Delete, and Home and End keys just by touch, but maybe that will get better.


Beautiful TKL.


what keyboard is this one? <3