Post Your Keyboards!


I see the boards get their own table. Nice.
What’s the white one, far right, in the first picture?


Thanks! That one is a white TX65 wearing GMK Olivia


I thought that might be Olivia on there. Beautiful combination. Please give that board its own photo sometime–would love to see it from the front.


Here you go :slight_smile:


Mira SE, GMK Muted, Retooled Blacks with 3204 and 72g Progressives


Yeah, that’s beautiful. Love it. Thanks!


Good looking arsenal.


So many beautiful looking boards lately!


Finaly, my G80-11900 is finished :blush:



Hi, these are my love with chocolate and valentine. Merry christmas and happy new year <3


Just installed the gun metal case but I’m not sure on this color combo now. Any suggestions?


@SargentRedbeard It’s already beautiful!!


My WeyTechnology MK06, love the keyset !


This is my niu mini with V1 Zealios 78g dressed in DSA Milkshake.


Oh wow, that looks fire man! BTW, were NIU mini bros LOL! I got the black top with acrylic bottom one & built it with the last rd of V1 78g Zealios too. Although right now I’m rocking XDA B&G on it which will be soon changed to Matt3o’s Nerd Russian DSA set when it gets to me later this week.


wow that’s quite the looker! What’s your favorite part about that board?


It was actually my first custom, the soldering is sub-par, I didn’t even put a stabilizer in and it’s seen some questionable keycaps over the years. But it holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value, it was my first soldering experience, every backlit LED was me taking my first steps in the hobby, and I memorised the 3 layers I needed to make it a daily driver. It really kick-started my love for tactile switches and I love its’ portability!

Haha, thanks Rob! Man, Russian alphas will look so cool! Please share pics once they arrive!



Beautiful! Love the pairing of red top case and sub legends.