Post Your Keyboards!


It is possible that the BOX Royals didn’t stretch the caps too bad. The BOX Royals I had on my Nightfox for a bit weren’t too bad at all. I had my set of GMK Sky Dolch on them before the news about BOX stems breaking caps blew up & thankfully they didn’t even stretch them much. In fact I couldn’t even find any stress marks after I inspected them! I got them on Halo stems now, they still fit nice & snug. Same goes for the set of MAXKEY SA B&G I got on my ACR60 with BOX Navies, no cracks or visible stretch marks on them & they still fit regular MX stems snugly! So IME it seems to be the outlier stems that exceeded spec are the real culprits for cracking & stretching caps with the old stock BOX switches, although others have had whole sets ruined.


Can’t go wrong with classic Dolch!


Unfortunately I have visible stretch marks on these guys, and three Maxkey sets with cracks and stretch marks.
My entire collection so far had been box switches :cry:


Damn rough, my condolences… At this point I’m just gonna take it as I got super lucky with the two batches of BOX switches I got.


Aren’t they on his website now?


You are right, I miss the pcb though, and there was a gb for a complete kit in the works as far as I know.


That layout is :fire:


Ah, yeah if you don’t have the pcb then there isn’t much you can do right now. Koob hasn’t been very active lately but I hope it still becomes a thing!


My Ducky board with GMK and Cherry ISO Be alpha


Smol KBDfam


The orange JTK set is awesome



Favorite split board so far?



I really love my Iris for gaming, but for typing im much better on the Nyquist. I used to have a Quefrency before I fell out of love with staggered boards. That was a lovely board.


Rebuilt my Clueboard with lubed 78g V2 Zealios, split the backspace this time around as well. I’m starting to really prefer split backspace after getting my Nightfox.

Edit: replaced original pic with a better one.


Tactical Black Norbaforce with BKE redux light domes.


Meeting with a friend in the hobby - still waiting for him mind…


I am so satisfied by that cappuccino :coffee::yum:


I see the boards get their own table. Nice.
What’s the white one, far right, in the first picture?