Post Your Keyboards!


Thank you sir! It has vintage blacks.


This is so beautiful. Great job!


Guys! I my friend dropped this off to me this afternoon!
It’s a custom wrinkle black @norbauer Novatouch case! The wrinkle is incredibly consistent and it just feels so tough and refined. If any of you remember, this case was a Glossy Candy Purple just a few months ago, but having access to a friend with a powder coating shop let’s me try out new finishes and gives him something to practice on :wink:

Anyway, the specs are:
CM Novatouch, stock 45g Domes, KBDfans Silence-X rings, and JTK WoB


Do you know what kind of powder was used for this? Like what brand?


I’m not actually sure what brand was used but if you look up Wrinkle Black Powder Coat it’s actually a pretty common finish for automotive parts. His brother runs a fabricating shop next door to his powder coating shop for track cars and this is kind of a standard finish since it tends to wear better than something glossy.


all put together but not yet soldered. thats the plan for tomorrow.

lubed retooled mx blacks
steel plate
tofu acrylic case
ePBT keycaps

first time lubing mx style switches and stabs. really sounds nice, but i feel that using dielectric grease for lube on the sliders for the stabs was a mistake. makes the key feel mushy :frowning:

actually i think that the mushiness is because my left shift stabs are backwards. nevermind.


Are those caps color 5?


they are color4. color5 is a little more cream colored


Octagon v1 rebuilt with C3 Tangerines 62g.


Nice Board. How do you like the c3 switches?


They are quite smooth! I lubed them with Tribosys 3203.


Finally decided to do something with one of my XD60 v.3.0 PCBs & universal 60% plate I got from Panc Interactive. I also ended up getting a little crazy with the switches. For them I went for V1 Zealio housings, replaced the actuation leaves with ones from Outemu Skies, used stems from Halos, 67g Zealio springs, housings\stems lubed with Tribosys3204, & springs lubed with Krytox VPF1514. Basically the Turducken of switches, LOL! While it is a pretty time consuming mod, the results are awesome. It’s ends up with a highly tactile & super smooth switch, a bit wobbly with the Gateron tops & Halo stems but I’ll be getting some of the tight no slot clear Outemu tops to remedy that.

All in all I think this combo is an actual contender to Holy Pandas. Although like my Zealio/Halo combo I can’t really recommend doing it unless you happen to have all switch types on hand already & are looking for something to do with them. It is a very labor intensive & expensive (if you were to grab a fresh batch of all the switches & parts needed just for this) switch mod. That said if you do have the parts on hand, the patience to swap the actuation leaves, & the spare time to do it, it is well worth a shot! :metal:


Dang that looks really nice with that plate. :+1:t2:


Thanks! It was probably the most involved build I have done with the crazy frakenswitches I made for it, but I’m definitely glad I went the extra mile with this one! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah definitely looks like a lot of work went into that. This most recent build was my most involved so I know how you feel kinda. All I did was lube the switchs, bandaid mod and lube/clip the stabs. I might end up taking it apart again and rearranging the key layout and buy some genuine GMK screw in stand because these pcb mount ones are the worst thing ever.


Nice, that’s still pretty involved. Honestly that is all I usually do with my builds as well. I just had the ideal of trying to swap actuation leaves from Sky housings to Zealio housings running around my head for awhile & finally decided to give it a chance. I doubt I’ll ever do it again though, way too much work for what other housings could’ve gave me without it, LOL! I hear you about regular PCB mount stabs vs screw in ones. I went through the same thing with my acrylic Clueboard & was much happier with the screw in stabs. GL with that project! :metal:


This is my XD75 with Kailh Box Royals and some stretched out DSA Royal navy Keycaps. :slightly_frowning_face:
I love this board!


The first GB I ever joined finally came in!

GMK Phantom on Gold/Champagne TX60

Retooled blacks with gateron yellow springs, 3204



Man I hope jolimon drops those acrylic pearls soon !