Post Your Keyboards!


It’s slightly more compliant/comfortable than alu and brass and it sounds better IMO. I’m a big fan of brass tho.


Here’s a 60% I’ve been meaning to post but never got around to photographing.


  • Pink Weaven 60%
  • Mito Legacy DSA keycaps
  • GMK stabilizers (lubed)
  • Tealios (lubed)

And here’s a typing video. The Weaven almost sounds like a musical instrument:


omggg that looks so sick! I didn’t realise any polycarb tops were done for the founders. I got on the GB, but apparently there was too much warping to be able to offer the tops for this round :frowning:



  • DZ60 (USB-C)
  • Createboard 60% wood case (Bubinga)
  • DSA Royal Navy
  • 67g Zilents (lubed with 3204)
  • Stainless steel plate
  • ZealPC stabs (old generation)

More pictures :


This looks so sweet to bad I don’t have a set to match the color. Any chance you’ll make a beige set?


I’ve been printing with Solutech PLA lately and they’ve made a beige in the past, but I think the color is currently being called skin and marketed toward people 3D printing dolls and action figures. I have two rolls of it, so I’ll try out some case prints and see how they turn out.


That looks amazing. Still waiting on my createboard case to ship.




Hydro looking :fire::fire::fire:


Just built this last night! White TX-87 w/ tangerine switches :slight_smile:


Like it, love simple color :heart_eyes:


Vintage look, contemporary case.



New set of ePBT keys came in missing the right shift so I guess this is what finally forces me to switch to a 7u bottom row going forward. Just waiting on stabs.

TX60, holy chickies.


The case & caps match so well!


White TX-CP
Stainless Steel Plate
Zealios with 78g Progressive Springs
Lubed 3204 and Switch Filmed

The Zealios with the progressive springs feel really weird, its real easy to push through the bump, which seems to be moved even farther down, with actuation at the end of the bump. Then it’s just a short but cushioned travel to bottom out. Kinda makes travel feel shorter despite it still being 4mm.

They also seem to make a slight “whispy” sound around the time if actuation, which is more noticeable if the key is towards the periphery of the board (edit: maybe this is normal and it’s just more noticeable on this board depending on location)


LSJ Ares HHKB, Varmilo Reborn Alphas, GMK RA Mods


MAO White SkoG w/ GMK Muted


Somebody really needs to rerun Eve


Oh my god that is absolutely beautiful! What switches do you have inside?


JTK WoB on CM Novatouch. My Norbauer case is with a friend for a matte wrinkle black powder coat. I’ll be sure to show it when it returns to me.