Post Your Keyboards!


Espectro x GMK Laser


TX65 with GMK Originative on 62g Cherry MX Clears, and a Zap Dolch cable.


Oh my, that is a beautiful board congrats bud! Solarized Dark goes really well with the sailor navy case. :metal:


this is so satisfying to look at. Excellent choices on this board.


How are your GMK caps doing? I felt that the mx clear stem to bit thicker than other mx stems.


Thank you very much! I enjoyed the inception of this board as much as the end product

  • PC Singa - Brass universal plate, brass weight
  • GMK screw-in stabs - clipped, lubed with Permatex and Tribosys 3204
  • C³ Tangerine (black bottom) - Housing and stem lubed with 104, 63.5g SPRIT springs lubed with Krytox 106
  • ePBT 9009


See your 4 boards on Reddit, love the color, simple and classic :sunglasses:


Oh man, so many good looking keeps on here!


Thank you very much! Can’t go wrong with the classics though I love how creative people are when it comes to matching boards and caps. Will try to get my hands on a few more wilder colorways in the future :slight_smile:


Oh and just in case anyone want’s to see the other boards too


That 1800 is a beaut! how’s it like?


An absolute dream! Was my first high end custom board and it has a special place in my heart. Only bad thing about it in my opinion is the leeku PCB but since I have QMK running on it it’s ok.


I have been absolutely loving the new Helix! Using this 8+ hours a day at the office at work and with the slight tenting and split design, it has really made using a keeb much more enjoyable.


Niz Plum75 + 65g Niz domes + lubed sliders + foam inside the case + DSA Galaxy Class

Custom PCB by TalkingTree(geekhack), WasdV2 Plate, Zealios 67 + Qmx, Foam Dampened, YMDK red aluminium case, GMK Burgundy


Oh man, my dream keyset! Looks great!


Thanks, I got to find a good camera and make some artistic shots :slight_smile:


Decided to throw my polycarbonate case on my TMO for a bit. The lighting in my room is pretty bad so here’s a picture of it outside.


I was envious of everyone’s gorgeous blank HHKBs, so I decided to build this.


  • MAO Canoe
  • Carbon fiber plate
  • Tealios lubed with Krytox 207
  • Enjoy PBT blank keycaps with Enjoy PBT 9009 spacebar

Here’s a typing video in case anyone’s curious what Tealios mounted on a carbon plate sound like


how does the carbon fiber plate feel compared to alu or brass?