Post Your Keyboards!


Thanks, fellas! I’m very happy with it. Unfortunately I realized that I messed up. I accidentally put one of the inserts for the stabilizer on the Enter-key in the wrong way, so it wasn’t functioning right. So I had to desolder half of the board to pop it out and fix it, then re-solder again. I could’ve sworn I put it in the right way, but oh well. You live, you learn. All good now. :grin:


This is my second build. It’s a tada68 with Laserboost custom plate in brushed alu. The cable was from my previous build. I wanted a different layout to the standard tada builds, and the tada PCB supported what I wanted.

  • Lubed tealios (Tribosys 3204)
  • Warm white led’s, under switch top (diffuses really well with the tealios)
  • GMK screw in stabs, lubed with GPL 205 Grade 0
  • MAXKEY Foundation SA

My first build was a 60%, which I used for 3 years. it’s unbelievable the difference in typing feel going from low budget caps and non-lubed gat yellows to this. Also - arrow keys!


Looks great Cadriel!


Hey, quick question, how do you like vortex stabs? I’m thinking of getting a Race for my work keyboard when they release the newest one with standardized keycaps and a hipro case, but from poker 2/3s Ive typed on I’m concerned it wont sound good.


Here’s my daily driver.

  • XD96 in Silver from KPRepublic
  • Stock Tealios
  • Cherry profile Sakura (Cherry Blossom) keycaps.
    I will probably switch the caps to GMK Mint Chocolate to match the switches in the future.


A logostar, not really a mechanical but the caps are doubleshot and cherry mx compatible :slight_smile:


Daisy40, with lubed box Burnt oranges
DSA Milkshake samples

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Nice keycaps! Are the sublegends pad printed?


yes :slight_smile:


  • Chiwi60 - white, brass universal plate
  • Revo White switches, stock spring, lubed with Kryrox 105/106
  • ePBT BoW


Where can I get colored modifiers like that?


Here’s my SINGA that I also recently built.

SINGA by catweewee

  • Sailor Navy aluminum case, brass plate, polished stainless steel weight insert
  • Singa / TGR PCB
  • Lubed (205g0) EnjoyPBT transparent, screw-in stabilizers
  • Lubed (3204) Retooled MX Black switches, 62g, teal polycarbonate films
  • GMK Solarized Dark with colored modifiers
  • Earl Esc and Fugthulhu artisans by Hunger Work Studio


That looks really nice! Well done.


They are from;


My Monterey K110 with ALPS switches, like the layout !


I call this Pumpkin Spice Chocolatier, the brass plate ties it all together


I wonder how Mocha Pumpkin Spice Latte would taste :thinking:


Gmk Olivia


Slick! :sunglasses:


Didn’t see many Laplace builds around, so here’s mine featuring BOX Burnt Oranges and over sized spacebar: