Post Your Keyboards!


Had to do some repairs which is why it’s missing some caps but here’s my polycarbonate TMO with a brass plate.


Here are some of my keyboards.


What’s that first DSA set?


DSA Quartz !


Ah, of course, thanks. Looks great!


My lovely IBM SSK :heart_eyes:


Absolutely clean and beautiful! Bolt modded? USB Converted?


That’s a beauty!


Thanks, yes it’s bolt modded :). Not converted to USB, i prefer the original cable :blush:



Panc Campine Mk.III with custom color Mystic Purple. Really happy how it turned out and Alex at Panc was extremely helpful with all my questions.

3204 lubed Tealios and epbt 9009


Nice keyboard, like 9009 color :slight_smile:


My KBP with Cherry caps :slight_smile:


Vintage German Caramel Chocolate Bar
Tofu case in chocolate / fixed layout plate in shiny copper from @LaserBoost / vintage black switches with 63.5g SPRiT springs, lubed with kryxtox 104/106 / GMK screw-in stabs, cliped and lubed with permatex and tribosys 3204 / OG cherry doubleshot ISO-DE keycaps


Nice 60% :heart_eyes:


Finally put together my velvet red Singa R2 with a brass plate, polished stainless steel weight, retooled MX blacks lubed with Tribosys 3204 and spring-swapped with 68 g. catweewee gold springs. The stabilizers are GMK screw-in stabilizers that have been clipped, lubed (3204/SuperLube) and band-aid modded.

Yes, I know the spacebar doesn’t fit but I didn’t have a set with a 7u spacebar laying around. The keycaps are temporary, still waiting on a different set for this board. :relaxed:


Planck x DSA Drifter


Love it, nice job !


Absolutely stunning.


My thought exactly.