Post Your Keyboards!


Here’s a better quality shot of my new board. I’ve settled on GMK Miami Dusk for this board, so I’ll have that on it’s way later this week, as well as a new cable for it. Now all I need to do is to find either one of the pink or blue GMK Esc keys, or a Miami themed artisan.


Mail day got me this:

O, and I hear it’s a thing to make pics with the remaining caps in it, so yeah…


@Poesjuh OMG! Is it SA Nautilus? Where did you get them?


Private GB, 70 sets in total.


~ 660

~ 660 with non-plate


My Sol tented at 30 degrees, probably too high for me


My Foxlab Orange75 in MAO white with SA Jukebox, Aliaz silent tactile switches & brass plate.


I cannot wait for another round for those keycaps!


Pink clouds!!


That looks amazing! Love the color combo with that beautiful cable. Ive been so tempted to pickup one of those initial D tickers and slap it on my black HHKB. Where did you get that wrist rest?


My daily (Needs a little bit of a cleaning :<)


I got it from eBay was like$12 the seller isn’t seeking anymore or seems. If you search 60% wrist rest similar ones should pop up.


Dope setup! Where you get those hii pros?


Ill keep my eyes out on ebay for one then I guess. Scanned through aliexpress for some too. Seems like KBDfans has a few for like 20ish im thinking about picking up. Thanks.

Hipros are made my ayybasketballs(reddit) aka Blizzardmods(instagram) base out of Australia. He does a raffle every now and then. Got super lucky and won his second raffle. Really reasonable price and shipping times. Was like less than 100 with shipping. Has a lot of nice colorways too. Im trying to grab a set of purple next.


Yes, hopefully there will be another round. I’d love to pick up an extra set of modifiers for another build.


@AKNYANG where’d you get that clock? That looks really cool


@Visionaire There are many desktop electronic clocks in South Korea. :slight_smile:오아미러클&frm=NVSCPRO&NaPm=ct%3Djliegm8w|ci%3D9d3d811b74078d213cef2efde8381513e8814790|tr%3Dsls|sn%3D95694|hk%3D52f7470f6dbfb7768a0f7b38b0ac23871bfc049a


Um wow, that’s amazing!


NiZ/Plum84 BKE Redux Heavy Lubed w/Tai Hao Cubic


A lot of these out there, Dolch is the only DSA set I will regularly use.