Post Your Keyboards!


Was testing out a new lens I got from @merlin and decided to take some fresh glamour shots.




KBD8X w/ 62g Lubed Vintage Blacks
EnjoyPBT Black Hiragana


Nice board! Goes so well with nautilus.


Blue/grey CA66 hhkb, lubed tangerine C3 switches with MX Lock switch on caps. Keyset is Solarised Dark with coloured mods. Built on my stream last night


KBD19X w/ EnjoyPBT 9009 Keyset

Vintage Blacks (65g SPRiT w/ Tribosys 3204 | Clear Polycarbonate switch film | SIP Sockets)

Brass Plate (Sorbothane Duro 40 Under)

Genuine Cherry stabs (Clipped and lubed with PTFE Super Lube)


Oof nicely done! Can you describe the c3 switches? I just got an email about the gb for the and wondering if it’s worth getting on them.


the switches are really nice linears, and I’m usually a tactile guy. I also have them in my polycarb singa. They are nice and smooth and once lubed feel like butter tbh. Thoroughly impressed and have bought another pack in the current GB.

Sound test vs the polycarb singa at the 1hr50 mark in the stream Vid:


Lovely! I have the 19x as well, with box blacks at the moment but will chance those to retooled blacks with 68cn gold sprit springs. GMK 9009 :wink: How much difference did the sound dampening make? Is that the kind that you put between the pcb or plate or just underneath the pcb?



The Navy build:

-5 degrees case (grey)
-67g ZealPC Zilents
-Brass Plate
-DZ 60 PCB (USB C)
-DSA Royal Navy Keycaps (ABS Doubleshot)



Nightfox accented with Laser keycaps is my current at home board. Hako Trues.


TX-CP / GMK 9009 / GrAFA9A0 Earl Esc.



Varmilo VA69M with Gat Yellow stems and bottom housings, and MX Black springs and top housings. All the switches have been lubed and the stabs are clipped and lubed from what I can tell. The board was kindly given to me in a giveaway at the MKUK Birmingham meetup yesterday, and it’s amazing. I’m completely in love with it.


when is Lynx’s GB? :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Such a beautiful board and the case color matches up with Solarized Dark perfectly!


I’m still trying to find the right keyset for this one, it’s a pizza80 with kailh speed silvers spring swapped to 150g. I’ve tried yuri and MT3, but I’m still not sure what would look great on it.


thanks man :slight_smile:
I just need to fix the sound now!!


Here’s a better quality shot of my new board. I’ve settled on GMK Miami Dusk for this board, so I’ll have that on it’s way later this week, as well as a new cable for it. Now all I need to do is to find either one of the pink or blue GMK Esc keys, or a Miami themed artisan.