Post Your Keyboards!


Here’s my true love and daily keeb, the Jukedox.


Daily driver as I await fun stuff coming in the fall

Tada68 aluminum hi-pro case / 65g Zilents / SA Nuclear Data


Just wanted to comment that this is a great name :smile:


Grey TXCP - Silent MX Black Lubed with Tribosys - GMK Stab - Hyperfuse Origins - Landcaps’s Barong HF colorway


Stock Leopold FC660C (Topre)

Future mods:

  1. Lubed stabs
  2. HKP Maroon/Black Keys. (Esc//insert/delete/space bar)
  3. Norbauer Heavy-6 CNC aluminum case




I much prefer them to the blues.

They are identical stock, apart for the spring weight and the force curve. Amber’s get heavier as you press. Same click though.


Yummy. This is nothing short of amazing.

What plates did you use in those two leyboards?
And how did you mount PCBs? I think TEX doesn’t have any mounting holes.



I got two custom plates cut. I fortunately made my MX plate for the my other Tex case support Alps switches aswell as MX. So I just got another cut. They are cut by laser masters.

So the Tex case has a lip at the top and a lip at the bottom which the plate sits on. Fits quite snug but holds it well!


Sounds good, but I was hoping for something readily available from the market.

As a matter of fact, LFkeyboards seems to sell not only ALPS PCBs, but aluminium plates aswell. But I’ll have to buy Varmilo 68 keyboard to harvest magnesium case, so this alone raises the price significantly.

However, what worries me the most are the keycaps. They are so damn difficult to find for ALPS, especially if you want PBT.

How did you manage to get yours? Do you have any special magic recipe? :laughing:

Hm, are you talking about PCB or the aluminium plate?


Beautiful collection! Really like the synergy between all the keycap sets as well.


Well for me there wasn’t anything available, so I went custom. However might have a plate as they stock the cases if you are looking for ANSI…

I have the SMK version of the PCB on my 68 key. Using SMK blues. I contacted Caps unlocked and bought a case separately from Varmilo. My girlfriend has a LFK68 with MX greens on it in a black VA68M case which I did the same for. There is lots of Taobao sellers who stock the cases too.

All my keycaps are from SP when they were running Alps mount stuff. I also got very lucky and bought my lightcycle set off Scott at LFKeyboards. He bought the international for a few needed keys and so I bought his extra normal set and all the remaining UK keys!

Your other option for a keycap set is infamous alpine winter set. However compatibility will vary.

I was talking about the plate. The PCB is left hanging inside the case from the plate. However you can get some shelf liner to act as a cushion if you really need.


If you contact Cynthia, the English rep for Varmilo, via either email or reddit message you can buy cases separately. I bought like six sometime last summer.


How much dineros?


iirc they were like $80/case? Shipping was kind of expensive though, since they were coming in straight from china


KUL ES-87, MX Blues, Tai-Hao “Baby Miami.”

And here with my fugu lit up:

My daily (work) driver. Unicomp Classic:


Build stream from last night:
Duck Orion v2 built with SKCM Amber Alps
Alphas: IBM 5140
Most mods/Function row: Focus FK-2001
Caps lock/Enter key: Dell AT101



Your co-workers must love you


Heheh. I have my own office so it’s sufficiently muffled. :slight_smile: