Post Your Keyboards!




Is that bogroll?


haha, thx.


Nah, it’s a napkin (and a surprisingly thick one at that) from a brewery a handful of cool kids went to yesterday.


added a Lightsaver V3 to the mix


HF on a silver board looks really nice!


KN2.10 with Kailh Box Jades topped by GMK Led Zep. Love the clicks on this thing.


60% transformation complete:
Tofu case
Brass plate
Lubed retooled MX Blacks with 68g springs and switch films
EPBT 9009


That’s probably the best looking (and I imagine feeling) board I’ve ever seen at that price point.


Tofu, KP subs, Steel ANSI Plate, DZ60, Gateron yellow/cherry top/yellow sticker/80g/3204

I lie to myself that I’m a one keeb man but really I’m just poor and it takes me a long time to finish projects


My previous Her Royal Boardness build in a chocolate Tofu. Absolutely in love with the case and the color.


You always have the best pictures, SL!


Thank you dubious!


Venice Beach Norbatouch + GMK Laser


Oh man, this is hot! This is actually the only Laser build I’ve seen that I like, most of the boards I’ve seen so far just look off with Laser.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure if Venice Beach was actually going to match laser but it matches perfectly.


Grey 5° case with dz60 pcb
Brass Plate
Combination of wkl bottom row with hhkb layout
Lubed zilents 67g
Hyperfuse Origins + Landcaps’s Barong

Lubed process:



Very nice ALPS builds :slight_smile: just got into them myself and hope to achieve similar build quality - we’ll see!

How do those 85cN Ambers stack up to the fabled Blues?


RS96 with lubed 65g Zealios and GMK Laser and a bonus big switch lol

I swapped out the Esc and Enter keys for their opposite color options after these shots but I’m not sure if I like it yet.

I have another RS96 that I’ll be building with 67g Zealios and GMK Honeywell… when I get the replacement plate for it.