Post Your Keyboards!



My Daily driver, M65-A with lubed 62g Ergo Clears. It has DCS Sanctuary on it with a few artisans. Top left is Reginald my Bloodsport Mummy 3 from KWK, Top right is my Sanguimancer Shishi by Keyforge, below it is the Heart of Darkness Spook, Shishi and Orochi by Keyforge.

This is my artisan display board. Tric80 from Originative Co. It has lubed 80g Gateron Blacks and a black on red Enjoy PBT set on it. If anyone would like, I can post the full list of all the artisans. If not, feel free to pm me for specific ones!


That wheelwriter is sweet. I have a couple modules that I need to make cases for.


Flickr Albums - Part of the collection




That pink TKL is a beauty, where did you get it?


Is that you, JP? I am looking forward to seeing some photos of your recently acquired space cadet once it gets to you!

Anyways I am too lazy to put my entire collection in one post at the moment, so I’ll post the two boards I am currently using the most:

IBM Model F104 “Unsaver”, ANSI modded

IBM 3278 w/ blue keycaps from a Selectric I typewriter


Great collection! The Corsa and 8Xv1.2 are two of my favorite boards of all time


Fantastic vintage boards! They look well-restored too.


Yep it’s me, jp! Nice boards. Hope to see more of yours. I’ll be adding more pictures as I find time.


Wow! That’s quite a collection you have there


66% life


I am so tempted to start using MX Sliders for the HHKB, I just can’t get myself to do it yet. I’ve only had my HHKB for less than a month. I already forgotten about my other mechs. I don’t want to modify it that much and then start feeling underwhelmed. I heard some good things and bad things about using MX sliders. I think for now I’ll be on the hunt for blank keycap sets, and will be using KBDFans spacebar. But your set up looks so sweat! How’s your experience been?


I personally didn’t find MX sliders worth the trade off in terms of feel. There is Topre 9009 coming relatively soon though


Yea I saw KBD post, hoping they are available soon.


I’m hoping they will come out with more interesting colorways in the future


Alright, I tried for my best @ChrisSwires hopefully it’s good enough to win his affection:


Can I take credit for the napkin? I used that to wipe beer.


10/10 shitposting. Love it.