Post Your Keyboards!


Here is mine at the moment.

it’s a custom with MT3 keycaps, well… some keys are not the right size.


Amazing pictures!!




Didn’t think of counting this earlier, but it is a functional board

My built ScrabblePad proto with most of a trash grab bag’s worth of SA on it. Plateless Gat greens with SA are actually quite thock-y.


thats a render, doesnt count…

jk, thats a beautiful shot and keyboard combos man…


EM7 , Lz-ergo , VE.A


Really awesome Alps builds. I can tell they were a labor of love.





5 Degree


Mechmini 2


Labour of love or Passion of hatred after a while.

To be fair, I put everything into them as I intend on keeping them forever!


Mstone groove T pink

Cheery mx black

Gmk Nautilus

KH’s Acrylic

Kailh box white

Maxkey Berserk


Your photography is awesome man, really loving the consistency.


I need to improve my photography game, see some really nice keyboard photos


Excellent album choice


Some Custom keyboards.

Light Saver v1
Light Saver v2
Light Saver v3
Octagon v1
TX-1800 v1



Is that a full milled polycarb board? What is it called? It looks super cool!


Yes ! Full milled.



My TU40 and GK64 :sunny:


Nice /dev/tty mix up with the novelties as well!!


That TU40 is super cute!