Post Your Keyboards!


They’re the samples for his “Mr Sleeves” kit that is in production.


Hey again! Hahaha good to keep bumping into you. I love those keys by the way. I need some more vintage stuff.


Finished building another Tokyo60. Gunmetal Gray case, lubed Tealios v2’s with Spirit 45g gold springs, lubed, clipped, and bandaid modded stabs, Dynamat sound deadener, SA Pulse, Sodium Lake Orochi, and custom USB cable.


8x brass plate with lubed Gateron Ink’s with epbt hiragana keycaps and gmk stabs. By far my favorite keyboard I plan on building another one with lubed NK creams.


Trying to decide what will go on the Iris. SA Nuclear Data or DSA Alchemy?

  • SA Nuclear Data
  • DSA Alchemy

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I think Alchemy’s colors work better with the plate’s colors, also personally I find DSA or XDA to be my fav profile for ortho boards. Although I have never tried flat SA either, but I’ve always felt like I wouldn’t like it’s feel & I’m not a fan of it’s look. SA needs to be sculpted for me. Sweet board though! :metal:


Alchemy hands down


Thanks! I originally bought Alchemy for this board so I think that might win but I do like the contrast of the pink and dark green. DSA, like you said, really is a better option for low-profile flat boards.


Oh yeah the dark green & pink do make a nice contrast, but having the option between the two I would personally go with Alchemy.


My first ortholinear keyboard, and loving it so far.


Alçhemy is a personal favorite, so my opinion is a little biased… Note: PMK HC Granite can be added in judiciously with Alchemy for nice contrast, especially the dark grey mods in GQT.



How long to cook until al dente?


28 keystrokes :wink:


omg. This is gorgeous. Where’s the wooden case is from?


Thanks, it’s an old one from Woodkeys


I probably have posted all of these before in some form or another, but I love to share pictures.



Man, I wish I had opted for the orange Clueboard. It’s a sexy beast


Wow nice! What keyset is that?