Post Your Keyboards!


Thanks! It is the K-Series Mint keyset.


Man, that’s pornographic !


This is my first post so sorry if I make any formatting errors or anything. I also apologize for the potato picture quality, it’s pretty much all my phone could muster.

In any case, this is my first build! Just completed it about a week ago. Specs are:
Walnut case from KBDFans
Clipped Cherry Stabilizers
Kailh Box Jades
Maxkey SA BC Keycaps
Primecaps Deep Field “Particle Stream” artisan

I’ll post better photos as soon as I take some.

Cheers to everyone for their amazing collections and builds!


Family photo! Got the replacement turquoise keys coming I the mail to replace all the gray ones on the SouthPole.


Family picture. There are no standard keyboards in the house! Current daily driver is Corne(HeliDox), second from the top on the right.



I did a little artisan rearranging. Should have three more on the way in the next week or so



What is your mini keyboard?


TKL collection is almost overtaking 60% and 65%


New Alpha


that’s insane. I love it but I could not type on it worth poop. Awesome board.


so many beauties :heart_eyes:


That is such a cool looking board! Is has that old school IBM vintage look to it. What keyboard is that and is it a 3d printed case? What switches? Thanks for sharing!


Its 3D Printed and modeled after an IBM Pingmaster.
It has Creams for switches because the board it is modeled after uses linears.


SouthPole is officially finished!


:heart: it.

Thoughts on the Creams?


i like em. they are super smooth without lube so i havent.


My artisans came in the mail the other day! I originally only ordered the purple cap on my ‘1’ key and the PB&J looking cap on my ‘FN’ key. The lovely people at PrimeCaps sent me an extra row 3 cap and the TRDL on my escape key just for being a returning customer! I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the future. Oh yeah, I also got a new desk mat in as well.