Post Your Keyboards!


Awesome work! What are you gonna call it? I vote for “The Mini Ping”!


My buddy is the actual designer, Im just the man who brings the ideas to the real world.
The official name is Alpha.Ping, but I dont think we have really spent any time working through a naming scheme.


Cypher :heart_eyes:
63,5cn fei, GMK 9009 with a GMK Classic Retro Windows cap


Really nice. I have an OG Cherry + HADapter that I’m using on my FC750R and I would really like to find an Classic Retro Windows keycap like that :slight_smile:


Liking the colors. :+1:


such a cool layout. Also, nice build!

When did this run and where? I think I’ve seen it before, but I missed out.


Wasn’t a gb. Westfoxtrot designed the board for his so and bought a couple extra that a few lucky ones were allowed to buy.


Cypher - K.I.T.T. edition

Adding another Cypher build with a little bit extra :wink:


My Ducky One with Cherry keyset and Neon RGBY Modifiers :blush:


Anne pro 2 Gateron brown


My KBParadise with GMK Miami Dusk and GMK ESC and Spacebar :slight_smile:


Daisy40 ‘biip edition’ by @qlavier
More pics coming soon!


nice keeby :^)


:eyes:I need these pics


Current Collection

From top left

German Vintage Caramel Chocolate Bar

  • Chocolate Tofu
  • Fixed layout plate in copper from Laserboost
  • DZ60 PCB
  • Vintage Cherry Blacks (lubed, 65g SPRIT springs)
  • OG ISO-DE Cherry Caps


  • Dark Grey TX1800v2
  • Universal layout plate in brass
  • QMKed leeku PCB
  • Frankenswitches (Vintage black stem, Zeal v1 bottom, Cherry Top, filmed, lubed, 63.5g/65g SPRIT springs)
  • GMK White-on-Black + OG Cherry WoB ISO-DE keys

Reeeeezer Whitewidow Ultimate 2018

  • White TX-CP
  • Universal layout plate in brass
  • QMKed leeku PCB
  • Unholy Reeeezers (Halo Clear stem in a Greetech Razer Green housing, 72g SPRIT springs, lubed)
  • ePBT Greyscale ISO-DE with the “green” accents
  • Buildstream

LCARS Terminal

  • Black top / Grey bottom Cypher
  • Fixed ISO layout PC plate
  • Cypher PCB
  • Revo white switches + Tangerines on some keys (both lubed, Tangerines springswapped to 63.5g SPRIT)
  • DSA Galaxy Class


  • PC Singa
  • Universal layout plate in bead-blasted brass
  • Purple Singa PCB
  • Tangerines (63.5g SPRIT springs, lubed)
  • GMK Yuri ISO-DE
  • Buildstream


  • Revo Whites (lubed)
  • DSA XO


I’ve got a Brutal60 from Upas at CannonKeys!

I built it with Vintage Blacks, with 55g CWW springs. I’ve got a Jacked Frost Shishi on it right now. These photos are of it unbuilt. I need to take some photos of the finished build!

Once I get my modified voyager60s from Elecrow, I will desolder and rebuild it. I need to throw out this PCB. There’s over 10 lifted pads.


ISO lover :slight_smile:


It’s playing the hobby on hard mode :grin:


Can barely seen the green in photos but… Greenish Grey Doro67 w/ Massdrop WoB and 67g Healios. Springs lubed with 3203 and stems with 3204.


Norbatouch r2.5 (refurbished Novatouch donor board)