Post Your Keyboards!


What a stunning colour and you captured it so well!



Color combo is a homerun.


Here comes my everyday-go keeb;

TX65 + Aliaz 60 + Maxkey Cyan

…and my Subs

Varmilo VA87Mac + Gateron Brown + mStone Rainbow

KBDFans TOFU HHKB + FF Yellow + Maxkey Berserk

Massdrop CTRL + Cherry MX Red Silent + Maxkey Foundation

Ninja Alu XO + Novelkeys Cream + Maxkey Portaland

Clueboard 66 HP is on its way to my desk now.
I started with a full size 104 mechkeeb, but I’m settling down with 65% keebs.



is that a congress of salamanders?


WKL Tofu with Lubed Creams (3204) with epbt BoW + 9009


KUMO☁️ + DSA LightCycle + Night T1


GMK Modern Dolch on PC Singa




What camera are you using?


Thanks! I used a Canon 80D with the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens. Photo was shot in RAW and then edited in Capture One.


Add some color on my Ducky One :blush:


Bonjour :baguette_bread:


:belgium: :grin:


My new IKBC MF87 with Cherry POM and GMK neon, love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Niiiiiice !
Where did you get this keycap set?
I suck at finding french-belgian azerty keycaps…


Thanks, on an old G80-11900 :slight_smile:

It’s really hard to find french-belgian azerty caps in cherry profile btw :confused:


And I thought finding nordic keycaps was a niche issue… :smiley:


Not gonna lie, I’ve been chasing the MiniVan X Godspeed XDA endgame for awhile now. There was a post back on reddit somewhere and it was the first 40% I ever saw; I was instantly hooked.


Cannon Keys Satisfaction75 Prototype, GMK Chocolatier, Mother of Pearl knob and a Golden Keypora - built on stream earlier today