Post Your Keyboards!


Even worse as a Canadian, makes this hobby wallet-destroying, otherwise if I could pay $450-475 CAD for these I’d jump on it immediately :joy:


…ok :disappointed::woozy_face:


My new Grid600 with a 1upkeyboards hotswap pcb, cream switches and dsa milkshake!
Love this board :smiley:


oooh very very nice, maybe GMK Olivia is pefect on this keeb!


Missed the buy unfortunately! Would look amazing, you’re totally right.
I love the DSA profile though, so this works for me :smile:


i love DSA too, but only on certain keebs, like ergodox, 40% or strange layout, when keyboard have good inclination i prefer cherry profile personally


New Norbatouch came in today, had to take some Norbauer Family Photos


Love that pink and laser. Man maybe I should look into grabbing a laser kit for my Unikorn :thinking:


the blue one is awesome…fuck that! :joy:


Woah that is bright! I love the look!



What is the gmk set on the teal sparkly one?


It’s DCS midnight from signature plastics


What’s the finish on the blue-green Norbatouch? It’s beautiful.


It is powder coated Chameleon Teal, shifts from purple to teal. Album Here




The ultimate IKEA build
Case: Blue TR60 with acrylic backplate
PCB: Plain60-C (blue) by /u/Maartenwut , RGB modded by me
Switches: Linjärs (lubed with Krytox 104 and 106 on the springs)
Keycaps: GMK Nautilus
Artisan: DC Mini Reaper


wooden spacebar and Mr.Ikea invest on it :joy::joy:


Don’t forget… You also had to assemble it yourself :wink:


With only but the most abstract instruction sheet


Reading IKEA instructions is one of those skills they never teach you about in school. Should be mandatory IMHO.