Post Your Kustom!

High quality materials only, please

Edit: non-Korean customs accepted as long as they’re still high-end stuff


Taken some time ago. Clacks at home, hiding some in the office :grin:


Here’s my JJ40, now 2 days old. It’s my first real custom, as in one I’ve done from scratch. I’ve taken apart a Poker II in the past and swapped all the switches and stabs, so I guess that could count.

I went with the bent stainless steel case that should come with an acrylic diffuser, however KPRepublic missed out the diffuser from the package, so that’s now on it’s way to me. I’m using Kailh Box Heavy Dark Yellow switches, as I really liked the Cherry MX Blacks in my G80-1800, and these are the perfect step up from those. The keycaps are DSA Blanks, from a cheap set from Aliexpress, I’m more than happy with them for the price, although I’ll likely upgrade to a nicer set in the future.


That JJ40 is on fire! I tried to click your profile picture in your introduction post to have al ook at it. Glad to see it here in its full glory :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah cheers, it’s 100% my favourite board that I’ve owned, especially since it’s one that I’ve made, rather than just buying off the shelf. I posted an album with more photos over on Reddit, too:

The downside is that I’ve caught the custom bug now, so I’m already eyeing up other boards that I could build, once the finances are there.

Here’s my baby. I ended up messing up a bunch of the LED’s because I was still learning to solder, and ending up re-wiring them to alternate LED spots. Looks good on the outside, chaos on the inside haha.

Inside it’s boasting Box Jade switches and white LED’s. Types like a clackity dream.

Also technically bluetooth, but I haven’t bothered to install a battery yet.

Edit: added switches


Built the Kyuu recently:

It’s my favorite keyboard probably ever and I’ll likely be selling my other nice boards because of the quality :smirk:.

Keep an eye out for an IC for this board sometime soon™!

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Seems nice, who’s producing it and where is it from?

Petition to rename the thread to ‘post your Korean kustom’ but still allow non Korean kustoms.


The Kyuu was designed by Quantrik and had a small prototype run. As of right now I think there are 6 Kyuu total.

Here’s a pic I took recently when I got drunk and put a load of stuff on my desk


I’m glad I’m not the only one that does that.


Damn I really love your Jane. I think that 7075/olive color is the only thing that’d get me to buy a WK TKL.

My Pearl, with the initial layout; I later went back and removed the 2U backspace on the top row and replaced it with [ and ] keys.


That’s classy.

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WKL ones got made. I kinda wanna try to swap but this one has Nathan Kim skin cells on it.


Rama m6a-88


Love the chocolatier board