Post Your Kustom!


A few of the one’s I have owned over the years.


kmac happy and noxary x60







Thanks! Vortex Vibe is a fun form factor to play with. Ended up swapping the switches for Mod-Ms.


My current work setup, let’s split w/ DSA blanks and outemu ice purples w/ 100g springs, lubed.




Love this! I’m in for a PC 268 but think I’ll have to get an Alu case too!


The only problem with the 268.2 is no iso option :frowning:


my collection as of a week or so ago :slight_smile:


Wait what. Have I just spent £380 for no ISO FUCK

Edit: lucky Xondat is a nice guy as he refunded me no question straight away :slight_smile:


Modern M0110 x GMK Muted x Pandas

Moon TKL x GMK 9009 x Box Blacks

Matrix Abel x GMK Yuri x Box Navies


my blackbird and x60

edit: whoops foot


While I still have yet to step into the ultra high quality realm of kits here is a few of my favorite builds!

AEK64, SKCM orange (SKCM brown on Esc. & space bar) My current DD

Alum. Clueboard, lubed & filmed (Krytox VPF1514) MX Zilents, GMK screw in stabilizers clipped & lubed

Acrylic Clueboard, lubed (VPF1514) MX blacks (re-tooled), genuine Cherry stabilizers clipped & lubed

RedScarfII+ ver.C. lubed (Tribsys3204) 78g Zilents rd.10, GMK screw in stabilizers clipped & lubed


What’s up Lightning, glad to see you here! :smiley: Also beautiful boards as always, your collection is something else bud!


Man that 910 with relegendables is one of my all time faves. Really works nicely with the top corner blocker to seperate that column. Looks fly af.


Xondat is a good cat. It’s also reassuring to see other people throwing money at keyboards without even barely looking at them.


Hahaha. The buy went live about 2 minutes after England won on penalties and I had been drinking. That’s the first time I’ve dropped that much money on a board without looking too much into it and it clearly didn’t go well :grin: