Post Your Kustom!


tripping through space and time baby

Octagon V2

R1 Signa

TGR 910

Noxary 268.1


TGR Jane

LZ Mini


Duck BlackBird

Oddforge VE.A

LZ Finale

La Pucelle intensifies


Here is my TXCP. Titan gray with GMK Oblivion/Mono, although the Genji has now been swapped for a Graphite Shishi for a better color match.


Oh wow. And I thought I had a problem.


My most recent build: EXENT at work. Black with black aluminum bottom, Mod-Ms, DSA Dolch - no LEDs.


KMAC mini


That is some serious goals there my dude, beautiful board! :+1:


Man o man do I want an exent. Nice build :+1:


Wew. What’s the finish on that? Has it been cerakoted?


Damn thats pure spice


Snow white cerakote


God damn. That’s some good shit.


Scarlet Bandana Version IV mark.2


tính aliaz60 x jtk aqua


M65-A with Hyperfuse Redux and a custom sleeve.


JJ40 with Kailh Box Heavy Dark Yellows and DSA Blank keycaps.

Currently waiting on the diffuser to arrive from KPRepublic due to a cock up on their end. :smiley:



Damn that is a nice collection!


is that GMK Solarized? looks really good!


is that a zephyr?


What’s that board with GMK Miami Nights?