Post Your Kustom!


delet this cheese


otd 456gt


OTD 360C Apple Silver


Customs (1) …

Light Saver v1
Light Saver v2
Light Saver v3
Octagon v1
TX-1800 v1


Polycarb LZ-st.


Thanks, and yes Solarized Dark



Can this thread be renamed to “post your custom”?

Seeing as most of the pics aren’t kustoms


That Happy is hnnnnnnnggg. Beautiful boards, mate!


That is extremely clean, something like that could be my only board and I wouldn’t miss anything. Nice job!!




Since i’ve posted it everywhere else


I love this keyset – I had to pick one up myself. Did you need two sets for the shift keys (the left one) to do the split spacebar?


E6-v2, MAO, black middle, weight and nametag, with CF plate, 67g lubed zealios and zeal stabs. Dressed in Hyperfuse Origins.



ITT: lots of people that don’t realise that the op wasn’t just being quirky by spelling “custom” with a “k”. I thought kustoms meant Korean.

At least that’s what I am assuming. Nice boards either way!


Love the Chairman finish. Is it consistent across the board (hah!)?


it is really nice. Marks easier than ano and is a pain to keep clean if you aren’t a hoverer. nice and even, not a true white, matches the colour of hyperfuse alpha keys almost exactly though


that’s what I thought but saying that just led to people being rude to me :man_shrugging:


Oh man that’s smooth, creme de la creme, well done!