Post Your Kustom!


There is nothing new under the sun.



Nice Chinesium


Finished assembling my Acrylic Unicorn today. Prototype H.87A finally came in the mail.


Threw together some of my PBT sets while I decided on what switches to replace my box switches with. Excuse the camera quality.


Cain God !





High on Sodium Chloride


I’m going to need to see more pictures of this.



Oooooooofffffffff :eggplant:


Everything’s chrome in the future!


Oh my god. I am dying here.


Walnut case, Zealios Purple switches. In this photo it’s Granite DSA’s but I’ve replaced them with Canvas XDA’s and changed the layout a bit. Custom 2 piece bluetooth board with custom, still in progress firmware on GitHub


What process was used to apply that awesome finish, @Manofinterests?


It’s a PVD coating. Quite a few groupbuys with brass plates have been using it as an option for the finish. This is done in a ‘silver’ finish but commonly they’re done in a reflective bright brass. Apparently steel can also be PVD coated.

I love the look of it, even if it attracts all of the fingerprints!


Heavy-6 PVD


Here is my first board that would qualify as a custom I believe. (Also have Novatouch, VA68M, and KBPv60)

Album of images

DZ60 w/ Zealios 78gs w/ alu plate w/ Cherry Stabilizers
GH60 Aluminium case (Black with gunmetal grey feet)
DSA Miami Dolche keycaps
Clarkkable (Gold Plated) “Blue Diamonds”+MPDC CarbonBTI Cable


Very interesting. Pretty swank. Does it look like there are visibile machining lines in the case along the sides? (PVD doesn’t hide much due to its low layer thickness.) I can’t quite tell because of all the reflections going on. This is one of my concerns in working with PVD. The substrate has to be more or less cosmetically perfect before it goes into be coated. And then once it’s on there if you find a defect, it’s very expensive to re-work.

That’s definitely going to be a thing if I can at all manage it. My experimenting with various PVD finishes is actually why I haven’t launched it yet. Soon though. :slight_smile: