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I got from a guy on Reddit.

Here’s the Link


Is that a zap cable with mdpcx platinum grey?




Hey !

How did you mod the fc660c with the 2u novatouch sliders ? Did you drilled the stab housings or replaced with novatouch ones?

I have replaced them with the Novatouch 2u housings and I’m getting a loud clack when I bottom out on Shifts/enter and a little on Backspace. That only happens with GMK /cherry OG keycaps.

I have a Fc980c that I want to mod and I wanna know which method to use to be able to use GMK/Cherry without that pesky sound of the keycap hitting the stabilized key housing…


Norbaforce 55gr Enigma Gray + GMK Serika + BKE redux Extreme domes and X-silence mod.

KMK Labs


If you get some teflon/plumbing tape you can put some in the stem of the slider and that should reduce/remove the clacking. Worked like a charm when I did it a few months ago.



HHKB Professional 2, lubed and silenced and I’ve recently put in 60g domes with a hasu controller (bt)


:fire: Looks great, also nice to hear of a fellow extreme user LOL! A lot of people think they are just meme domes, but now that mine are broken in I really love the weighting of them. I do prefer heavier switches all around though, 60g is about the lowest weighting I feel comfortable with. Under that I bottom out really hard & it can flare up my carpal tunnel.


I don’t know why but heavy topre switches have that ~oomf~ to them. I really want to put in a 90g dome on like escape or spacebar just to build those finger :muscle:. 55 is the absolute lowest I can go on any switch since I rest my hand on my keys 55 is barely enough where I can rest without actuating anything.


I agree, while I’m not hugely experienced with Topre I can say the extremes took my 660C from “meh” to “WOW” for me. The stock 45g domes were just too light for me. I could probably get along fine with BKE heavies or 55g domes, but the extremes put my 660C at very comfortable place for me. :ok_hand:


Could you please explain again? Or do you have a pic ? Does that mod alter the feel/shorthen the length ? Thanks !


Honestly didn’t notice a difference aside from removing that loud clack sound and making it more thocky. Also please no one make fun of me for my horribly drilled stabs lol.


Thanks a lot ! So basically the only way to fix the clack is somehow making the keycap sit higher a little bit. An O-ring also works but that is too thick and makes the keycap unstable on the stem and falls if you press a few times on the edges.

I also want to try one more thing, besides drilling the side holes is to remove the ring notch from the center hole that’s @ the slider point…

I’ll return with the results :slight_smile:


certainly the bke extreme are not domes for long work sessions, but for me they represent the experience of topre that I have always sought. there isn’t mx design switches at these levels of tactility.

KMK Labs


  • Realforce 87U case, PCB, housings, springs, and sliders.
  • Topre HiPro keycaps from a Realforce 107UK- HiPro Korean
  • 1.2mm aluminum plate
  • BKE redux light domes. And keyclack silencing pads.
  • Pexon PC blue navy(?) Realforce Cable.

(Currently waiting for two extra housings for the missing keys).


I have to admit I’ve never tried topre before. Maybe one day I’ll find a norbauer on MM. what should I look out for if buying one?


Lots of money for these overpriced rubberdomes.


Any word on when all-45g 104U/87U boards will be available again?


OMG I love this aesthetic <3
Hopefully I make my NiZ Plum84 look this good!