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Stock 55g 87U + Novatouch with XDA Canvas


Does anyone use variable weighted domes in their topre board ? I touch type correctly. I used a stock 45g on my fc660c and felt ok, but did not get to use it for long sessions. Now I installed bke light domes and they are fun but fatigue installs after some use. Only used the fc660c at home for light intervals 0-1 hour, social media etc.

I also got a fc980c waiting to me modded, that I want to use at work for all day typing. I’m cleary not going to use bke on this one, but I have an itch of making it variable on the 60% part, to be as comfortable as possible for long typing sessions.

What do you guys think ?

(I’m asking for opinions first because I rarely catch the time to do the mods, I would revert the fc660c to stock 45 also but did not get the time to do that and now I kinda got used to the bke’s)
Oh, and here’s a pic of the FC660c with lubed novatouch sliders + dev tty + bke lights


Finally got time to mod the fc980c also.

Novatouched, lubed, hasu, keyclack v2 silencing rings. Stock domes will remain.
Some tryouts :

At this point I am dissatisfied with GMK/OG on novatouch sliders, as the keycaps hit the housings and make annoying clack sounds.

Decided to let them behind and go full thock with dev tty. MT3 is awesome and the wobble is so satisfyingly low vs mx switches and even lower than stock topre.


The family :slight_smile:


I finally got my hand on a novatouch. it’s ISO but I can live with that. :slightly_smiling_face:
Gmk phantom + kbdfans silencing-x ring


How did you modded around the clack noise the stabilized keys are making and also most of the 1u’s when using GMK keycaps ?


ISO is life, ISO is love, :smile:


This is my Norbatouch in Galaxy Console, with a mish-mash of keycaps from GMK 9009 + two different Leopold keebs + blue function keys from Tai-Hao.


1U is typically fixed with silencing rings either the kbdfans ones or keyclack’s. As for stabilized keys you will want to dremel, clip, or sand down the rim around the stab holes.

After that a majority of the clack will be gone and I think it should be mostly gone with some o rings but haven’t gotten any to test.


I’ve tried o-rings on the keys with stabs - the ones I have (reds) are too thick and reduce travel too much and make the whole key feel like mush. Gets rid of the clack though!

My solution has been to put a little teflon tape over the them, works quite well.


How did you find those hipro caps??


Those are from a JustSystems HiPro board. Unfortunately they aren’t produced anymore


Bae V1


Here’s my home keyboard, a PFU Limited Edition Realforce:


Here’s my travel keyboard, a Leopold FC660C:


Antisober - what wood is your wrist rest made of?


Shitty phone pic with bad lighting, but this board is looking fresh as hell.


Still need to finish working on it, but here’s a teaser of my HHKB BT (Happy Hacking Keyboard Big Thonk)


Heavy 6 came in!


I can’t forget my numpad: