Post your Topre boards


I’m currently not sure whether I want to put Heavy or Extreme in my FC980C. Have you used both Heavy and Extreme, or just the latter? How would you compare it, say, to a 78g MX switch?


I’ve tried the heavies at meetups, but have only used extremes in my own boards. The extremes ate quite a bit heavier than a 78g tactile switch so I’d say go with the heavies if you’re looking for a comparable feel to 78g springs.


Man, I don’t know about that. The BKE Heavies installed in my board feel heavier than my Box Navies, which supposedly are 95 grams at actuation. I think this is really something people need to try out first, before they commit.

I don’t have any actual measurements, and I might be drawing incorrect conclusions, but it sure seems to me, in side-by-side comparison, those BKE Redux Heavies are phat bois. Maybe they’ll break in a bit after a while.


Both your response and @beaker’s are good to note. I’ll be going to a meetup tomorrow so if there’s a topre board there that has them I’d like to try them, otherwise I’ll either have to get a sample pack or find someone on r/mm selling them for cheaper and take a risk.


@beaker is right trying them before you buy is the best policy if you can do it. I will say the BKE Redux domes do break in a bit & become a little less heavy once they do, but again like beaker said heavies & extremes are both very heavy domes.


Most of what I use are 78g MX switches, and I love myself a nice and heavy switch, so if I get the chance to try some that would be awesome.


LOL. I think me and Rob pound on keyboards like Gorillas trying to break Samsonite luggage.

But, yeah, heavy switches are heavy.


Just got a black low-noise FC660C in yesterday, and put it in my Heavy-6! I’m loving the all-black-everything, it’s a great canvas for a tiny bit of color accent. Here it is with the 9009 salmon space bar.


Very nice! How do you like the low noise version?



I’ve had a Type-S for a while, and when I got it I immediately knew that stock silenced Topre is my number-one switch, hands down. And this is, as far as I can tell, indistinguishable from the feel of the Type-S (other than the outright differences between the HHKB and the 660, obviously).

But I’ve always preferred the 660 layout & build quality, but been too lazy to mod one, and unwilling to deal with the trade-offs. So then in the span of a month, the Heavy-6 is delivered, and then they drop a stock silenced 660. This is it for me. I’m keeping the Type-S for a second location, and a Quefrency in the drawer for when my wrists get sore, and that’s it.


I’m such a fan of Norbauer’s work. The cases look fantastic, and they make the Topre typing experience even better. So fortunate we have him in the community <3


Totally agree. I have an emotional attachment to the @norbauer products I’ve purchased and I don’t necessarily get that from other keyboards.


This sentence made my decade. :heart_eyes:

It is in the hope of affecting a few people in this way that I do what I do.


Finally got a Hasu BT controller for my daily. Also, KBDfans sent me the missing enter, esc and spacebar (spacebar not currently in use).



How’s the case and color in real life ? I also have a Motorsport one on the way but it has to cross the ocean first …


Don’t know if you looked into it or care, but you can cover up those ports in case you didn’t want to look at them with 3d printed port covers. That’s what I did with mine.

I got mine here


Awesome, I was looking for a link to those.

The person I bought the controller from included them, but the fitment was way off. I also didn’t really like how recessed the switch was with with the cover on.

How do you get to the switch on yours?

Thank you



The more I see Motorsport, the more I like it. I think it’s my favorite color option on the Heavy-6.