Post your Topre boards

This is my little topre collection from Brazil.

RealForce: “50g” domes from the white FC660C.

White FC660C: purple sliders from a R2 RF, 87u 55g domes.

Black FC660C: stock purple sliders, 55g domes from R2 RF.

(R2’s 55g feels a lot lighter than 87u’s 55g. Does anyone knows why?)


Nice boards! I believe they changed the manufacturing facility from somewhere in Japan to somewhere in S. Korea or China for the rd.2s. So probably a different material supplier now as well would explain the difference in feel between domes. I could be wrong about that, but I know they changed the manu. facility for 660Cs so I’m assuming the same goes for all Topre boards. I don’t think Leopold makes the 660C themselves?

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Just updated my Norbatouch with some KAM Starry Nights


Those stars are blinding with their reflection. Cool set!

My humble HHKB Pro


Nothing says “humble” like gold. :joy:

Nice HHKB. Did you paint it? Cerakote? Or is it just really yellowed with age?

just elegantly seasoned from '04 :slight_smile:


Which stems do you have on your board?

I have the KBDfans mx/topre stems on that board at the moment

How are they? I was thinking of ordering a set because mine (Originative JTK stems) have a slight twist to some / or are too big so some of the keys will fly off while typing.

I’m thinking of trying out some BKE Redux light domes in my Realforce. How do they compare to 55g that I currently have? I find find 55g a tad too heavy for my tastes.

Get niz 2019 sliders & housings and fit them in your board :slight_smile:

I love them, but the sliders I have are definitely impacting my overall experience. :frowning:

I just ordered kbdfans and the NIZ sliders/housings. I’ll see how they turn out.