Post Your Typing Sounds!


Man I need to up my A/V game soon. I could add a bit to this thread beyond the simplistic sound tests I have done in the past. Anyways thanks to all of you who have uploaded typing tests, this thread has become a go to one for me when looking to grab switches I haven’t used before! :metal:





C-C-C-Combo Breaker:

65g Arctos on an M60-A with internal weight and using GMK keycaps. Lubed Zeal Stabs with Permatex grease.
Keyboard was placed on top of a deskmat.

Audio was recorded at shoulder height distance with a MXL 770 cardio microphone through an Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo and gain set around mid way.

Audio clip


JER-A06 Typing Sounds:










Sounds great. How do the Greentech blacks feel?


They need a break in out of the box but they’re a nice smooth switch, the stem especially, I’d put them on par with retooled though I’d say a tealio, cream or a good vintage is still smoother


I appreciate that you also have a heathen right-hand typing style like I do. Any other info/pics for the Gambit?

Also what kind of equipment setups are people using for these? I’ve been thinking of taking the plunge, but I don’t know shit about A/V recording.


More info will follow on gambit from @westfoxtrot when it’s ready for IC I imagine!

On setup, I’m a pleb, just using a RODE-NT usb mic, and until recently a 1080 webcam, but not my phone for video (pixel 3 camera is a big upgrade for me), the others have some far more advanced tech