Proxy Shipping for Chocolate PPS Keycaps



Sorry. There are some extra compatibility kits for the black stone PPS but all the options for the chocolate PPS are listed in my form.


I will be closing the google form about 24 hours from now and send out invoices. I will give a 3 day window for payment. If all goes well with this run, I will probably offer proxy shipping for individual orders instead of taking orders in batches.


Do these really have side legends on the F-row and backspace like in the photos? Strange.


No, I believe they did offer side legend PPS keycaps in the past though.


Submitted- too interesting to pass up.


Would you be willing to proxy the black set once/if it becomes available again? I’d be down for a set, but brown isn’t really my color.


Yes. I stated above, if all goes well with this run, I will probably offer proxy shipping for individual orders instead of taking orders in batches.


I’ve closed the form. I have sent out e-mails or reached out on discord to confirm your order and to get additional information. Invoices will be sent after I receive a reply.


I’ve posted a few updates on the first post but here is the latest:

I’ve requested a withdrawal of funds from my paypal account on April 19. On April 25, I was requested to submit proof of identity and proof of residence by Paypal. The proofs were submitted and approved by April 29. I assumed that the withdrawal process reset on that day. But, I followed up with Paypal today to find out the following: as a US citizen, I do not have a Korean national ID and without a national ID, I can not withdraw funds into my Korean bank account. There was no information on Paypal’s website to inform me of this beforehand. I am trying to sort this out. I may have one or two solutions to this issue. However, if I can’t sort it out by the end of next week, I will be refunding everyone’s money.


Thanks for the open line of communication. Hopefully you can get it all sorted, but I appreciate that you won’t sit on no results for as long as humanly possible.


Any updates friend?


I am getting the keycaps in two shipments. The first shipment, base caps, arrived today! So those who only ordered the base kit will have theirs shipped out on Monday and Tuesday. The second shipment has all the child kits. Those should arrive on Monday. I should have all orders shipped out by next Friday. I’m glad I gave a conservative timeline because it seems like I’ll be right on schedule! Thanks for your patience.




Awesome news! I was really hoping you didn’t have to refund everyone, because for one that would be a major pain in the ass for you & secondly I am really looking forward to giving PPS caps a shot. Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer cause I ordered the child kits, but I am very happy to hear things are moving along & my sets should be shipped sooner than later! Thanks again for running this @Seoulcialite! :metal:


I’m so excited for some PPS action :smiley:
Does everyone know what keyboard they’ll be mounting them on yet?


I might give them a go on my aanzee with Holy GSUS switches in there first. I got a hotswap PCB as well as a normal one for my kit, and a brass and PC plate, so I’m going to try them on multiple materials in the same board.

They’ll probably end up staying on my Candybar if I’m able to get all the keys to fit perfectly.


I haven’t decided on the keyboard yet but I will probably use these keycaps with lubed and spring swapped Holy-Skies.


Probably my RedscarfII+ ver.C with satanic pandas if it’ll work (I got the child kits), if not then probably my XD60 ver.3 build with my Holy Sh!t :face_with_raised_eyebrow: switches (V1 Zealio housings, Outemu Sky leaves, Halo stems). I want to hear them with some Holy variant first as the sound tests I’ve heard sound great! After that I’ll probably try them on my acrylic Clueboard with retooled blacks to see how they sound with linears. What about you, any particular board or switch you have in mind for them?


Good to see this ship sailing smoothly after initial trouble. Very nice keyset.


Damn I’m sad I missed these…