Proxy Shipping for Chocolate PPS Keycaps



After I ship these out, I’ll just switch to individual proxy orders albeit at slightly higher pricing.


Nice! Can’t wait.


So I received the second shipment with the child kits on Saturday. I packed everything over the weekend and took a long lunch break today to send everything out. I’ve just sent out a message to your preferred method of communication with your tracking number. Let me know if you didn’t get a message/e-mail. I hope you guys enjoy the keycaps!

For those who missed out, I’ve stated that I will take individual proxy orders for PPS keycaps. I will post a google form for orders probably by tomorrow in a new reply and also in the first post. Thanks!


Form back up!


This is awesome thank you for doing this!


Wait what’s a holy sh!t switch?


it’s this


Lol thank you. Guess it pays to continue reading


Hey I just filled out a form. So do you have these in stock? Or do we have to wait for you to receive them? Thanks


On the form he linked for individual orders it’s stated, you have 3 days to pay the invoice for your order. After he receives payment he’ll need a week to purchase, receive, repackage, and ship the items. So no he does not keep them in stock & has to wait to receive them before he can ship them to you. The shipping can be fast or slow depending what you want to spend on it. the stated shipping options & rates are,

  • 3 to 5 days delivery
  • $20 to $40 (Singapore $20, Japan $28, Australia $32, Canada/Europe/USA $35)
  • About $6 to $10 more for each additional base kit


  • 10 to 14 days delivery
  • $11 to $15 (China/Japan $11, South East Asia $12, Europe/Oceania/NA $15)
  • About $7 to $13 more for an additional base kit
  • Maximum of two base kits (with some child kits) can fit in one airmail package

Although if you’ve been wanting to try PPS keycaps & live in NA this is definitely the easiest/cheapest way to get your hands on them. The manufacturer has already claimed they have no interest in bringing these to the NA market & honestly seem to be losing interest in making them at all anymore. So I would say if these caps intrigue you, grab them now as I don’t think they’ll be around very long. Worst case & you don’t like them. Just box them back up & put them away till they are super hard to find. Which will make for an easy buck to make in the future to fund some other project possibly, seems pretty win win to me. :wink:



I would have thought you would have a typing test with the PPS keycaps by now. Did the spicy noodles I included put you out of commission? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Soon :wink:


Ordered mine. Now I need to figure out which keyboard can handle chocolate colored keycaps :thinking:


Hey @Seoulcialite, what’s the deal with the silver/gold legend stickers? Are they something ordered separately that you put on the keys yourself, or do the come installed on the sets if you order them through the new form? I kinda like the ideal of them cause I am not the best touch typer (I can manage though), but would be hesitant on them if they are customer installed & hard to remove later down the line.


Nice you got yours already! I went with airmail so I’ll be waiting awhile for mine, LOL. Can I squeeze a little preview info out of you by any chance? I’m wondering what switches you got in that board & what board that is? Definitely looking forward to the typing test!


I’m going to try these on my norbatouch. I’m sure the stabilized keys will sound horrendous, but I’m interested in what the alphas sound like.


@SmallWind requested them so I thought it would be a good idea include them in the form. They are customer installed but I haven’t tried them myself so I don’t know how difficult it would be to install or remove them. Maybe SmallWind can give some input when he receives his package.


Cool, thanks for the quick answer! I agree it’s a nice addition, although I’ll wait to see how they do for others before I consider getting any. Honestly I just probably shouldn’t get them period, I’ve been trying to teach myself to touch type & that was one of the reasons I bought into the original GB.


Yeah Topre/Plum X PPS does sound pretty interesting! What domes you running in your Norbatouch? I’d imagine stock 55g & BKE redux domes would probably give the best results, not to say 45g, 30g, & variable would sound bad though. I just think the more violent the buckle of the dome the more noise would get reverberated through the key caps.


PPS Choco keycaps on lubed ink switches on a brass plate inside a Verne :eyes: