Proxy Shipping for Chocolate PPS Keycaps



:grin: Can’t wait for the video!


norbaTOUCH with stock 45g. Probably going to sound awefull. lol

Another option is these NovelKeys creams I just spent an entire day modding. 205 g0 everywhere with polycarb switch films. My fingers are killing me from closing the housings. I actually got out pliers for some of them. But holy smokes they sound incredible. I was going to put them in my Unikorn, but I occasionally still hear a housing creak, and that would bug me to no end. So, for now they are in a hotswap board. Definitely the deepest, thockyest switch I’ve tried to this date.


Eh, hard to say till you put them on the board & see how well they play with Topre. I think they’ll sound great on Creams depending on the case they’re in. Think I’m gonna try mine first on the 72g Satanic Pandas in my Redscarf, then probably give them a try on the 78g V2 Zealios in my Clueboard, & finally on the retooled MX blacks in my other Clueboard to see how they go with linears. Let us know what you think of your set when you get it! :+1:


What? :smiley: Wheres does Satan come from? Razer Stem?


Just @Rob27shred’s preferred name for Holy Pandas made with the red YOKs


Nah, just YOK Red Pandas with Halo stems.
Edit: I did get a chuckle out of you thinking some Razer parts were involved, I can see why you’d think that with the name lol!


Anyone have any typing videos for these yet?


@Manofinterests has teased he got his set already & said he’ll be making one soon. I don’t think he made it yet though.


OK, I just got my set today. If I have time tonight I’ll record a video.


Nice, I’ll keep an eye out for it! I went with airmail to save a buck so my set is probably at least a week out still.


Well with 3 sick kids I wasn’t able to get a video tonight but here’s a potato photo of them on a keyboard. First impression: they’re awesome to type on and the sound is really cool. Now I understand what all the hype is about.

Does anyone know if PPS shines like like ABS or are they more like PBT?


Does anyone know if PPS shines like like ABS or are they more like PBT?

Mine hasn’t shined after a year. PPS is more like PBT.


A quick potato. Really interesting sound characteristics. Trying out on lubed linears for now.

Nice quality caps (I see no flaws at all in the ones I am using) and packaging (no scratches due to the foam cutouts in the box). I’d say we got these for a fair price for sure.

The texture is very dry like a hot, weathered stone. I have a thing where rubbing a dry finger on a chalk board really bothers me. Same with rubbing my hands on low pile carpet. I know, I’m weird. But these don’t cross the line. They are close, but they don’t hit quite that level of dryness.

One of the best features of the set is that the caps have row indicator markings printed on the underside of each one! No having to look from the side to check for sure that you’ve got the right cap in the right row.


Oh that’s really good to hear! Which linears do you have in your board right now? Also, is that an MAO White Canoe? :eyes:


With my oily hands I’ll test that one out lol


3204 lubed gateron blacks. Yep, it’s a MAO canoe.


Those that opted for airmail shipping are starting to get their packages now. A few people have had trouble finding the child kits. I’ve wrapped the base kit box once with bubble wrap, taped the child kit(s) to the wrap, and then wrapped the whole package two more times. So the child kit(s) are taped to the first out of three layers of bubble wrap. Please check the bubble wrap carefully for the extra kits!


Damn, people so excited to get to the box of caps they’re throwing out their child kits! :money_mouth_face: Thankfully I noticed my child kits were wrapped into the middle of the bubble wrap & didn’t do that myself. Oh, BTW for those that did get the child kits there is spaces for all those keys in the box in the 2nd tray, you just gotta remove the foam cutout for them.


Here’s a pic of the board I put them on, RedscarfII+ ver.C rocking some Satanic Pandas. The caps definitely have a unique sound to them, but it’s a much more subtle difference in sound from ABS or PBT than I thought it would be. I had to put a cap of each next to each other on the board to really hear the differences. The feel is awesome, they are very rough & dry feeling which sounds like it would suck but these caps do it just right.

All in all I really like PPS as a keycap material & hope some other manufacturers pick up on using it. I’m not sure if it can be doubleshot or dye subbed so that may limit what can be done with this material, but I’d be happy just being able to get blanks in multiple colors TBH. I’m gonna put up a sound test eventually, but you guys are gonna have to bear with me on that. I’m still learning to touch type so my speed is pretty slow on the blanks right now. Once I get it up to at least half decent levels I’ll record a proper sound test, as I figure a video of me just hitting random keys won’t give anybody a true ideal of what these sound like to type on, LOL!


Bad photo of the caps on my Plaid with tealios. Very interesting texture and have a deeper sound than GMK, really fun to type on something that feels so different!

I was one that had to fish a child kit from the rubbish :slight_smile: