Proxy Shipping for Chocolate PPS Keycaps



That’s fine. I had to tell another person that there were two layers of keycaps in the box. :laughing:


Here’s a video for sound


Better photo of the caps:

More here:


Are row 1 and 2 the same for this keycap set?


What do you mean by that? The F key row & num key row or actually row 1 & 2? The F key row & num key row are both Cherry profile R1, but the R1 & R2 (the num key row & first alpha row) are not the same.


I kind of mixed up the rows so tryna piece of together lmao, yeah the alphas, all three rows are all all different right? in increasing slope order


@plzemfrand they have markings on the bottom to tell what row they belong to. Nifty.


wow thanks lifesavor


Should be rk 5,4, 3, 12 right?




So many variables, but these are flat out amazing feeling and sounding on a top mount brass plate with linear switches.

I had them on similar switches in my Canoe, but the TX board brings out something different. Could be more flex in the plate or just brass vs aluminum.


Looks really good on the TX keyboard. I almost always prefer linear on a brass plate, vs aluminum.


I’ve had these on my red verne (Brass plate), but now that I got my shipping notification for GMK Jamon, I need to find a new home for these PPS keycaps. They’re absolutely amazing and I’d definitely suggest people try out PPS keycaps at least once. If only we could get that black/stone color :stuck_out_tongue:. Oh Rantopad/RantoKorea.

I’ve only tried these with linears which have been an extremely solid experience. Anyone try these with tactiles yet? I might try that next out of curiosity.

Also, anyone have any uh, negative experiences with using these with box switches?


Mine are on Box Blacks and they feel lovely. I’m guessing you were asking about tactile boxes?


Any issues with pps cruciforms getting stretched? I know some people have said pps can be brittle, so there might be some worry about the box switch stems causing some issues since pps cruciforms are tight.

In theory, with the new box switches this shouldn’t be an issue though


Not that I’m aware of but I’ll double check for stretch marks now that they’ve been on the boxes for a couple of weeks.


I’ve only used my PPS caps with tactile switches so far & find them to be very solid with them. I used them with 72g Satanic Pandas & 78g V2 Zealios so far. They were definitely the best on the Satanic Pandas because of the sound, but they feel great on the 78G Zealios also. They seem to pair really well with any Holy Panda variant, the sound is much deeper than GMK or ePBT caps which makes for almost ASMR. At first I thought there wasn’t a huge difference in sound until I put a PPS cap next to a GMK cap next to a ePBT cap for a head to head comparison & wow do they have a unique sound! I recommend trying that test if you haven’t already.


Need more colors!