Rama Kara Pre Order Link Live

Ships in Q1 2021 which is a fast turnaround!


sounds pretty reasonable timing for injection molded tbh. I went for the purple one.

:thinking: The Noct one is pretty tempting

If you get Moon or Soya, do you get to customize the back panel (to get translucent for example)?

@badnewsblair You have to buy the other backplates as extras.

I am still undecided between Moon or Soya so I made a mockup to see which one would match Olivia better. My heart says Moon but Soya is such a unique color too.

I used Keyboard Simulator for the mockups and I am not sure how accurate my colors are with the renders, I just based the colors on this page https://rama.works/kara-colors


In case anyone was wondering, the video has typing in it again, and at the 55 second mark the keyboard types “Kept you waiting, huh?” Jerks.

haha, just kidding. Probably going to get a soya and either the smokey one or teal one.


f it i think imma get soya too

Hmm, I think I’ll get the Noct, but I have to wait to see how much money I have left over after the Heavy Grail :sweat_smile:


Same here for the Soya. Love that color for the Kara

I think I’ve actually decided to skip the holy grail to get one or two of these and a try for a valhalla for my last boards for this year… feels bad skipping a norbauer and i do love the ones I have, but I just don’t feel like i need it


I was bummed they didn’t have an opaque black option. Rama had one early on in the Instagram teasing. The Soya is suuuuper tempting, but a) I don’t need anymore projects right now and b) really want an opaque black with a transparent purple plate. I’m hoping opaque comes in the future.

I’ve sent it to, like, three friends who I am trying to convince to get into the hobby, though.

Love seeing high end boards with a plastic construction. Metal is nice, but I like the lighter weight and I somehow picked up static electricity as a super power in the last two winters. It’s a cool ability until you zap one of your keyboards by touching the case.


I hear ya. I always swap over to my plastic cases in the winter as well. Not only am I afraid I’ll kill one, but it gets really uncomfortable when I start shocking myself every single time I walk away and back to my desk.

Every. Single. Time. The handle to my office was metal too, so every time I left my office to get coffee or anything, I’d get shocked on the handle and the board.

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Are the back plates available at launch? I can’t find them.

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$32 for a $0.50 piece of plastic seems pretty steep to me, I passed on that one even though it would have been kinda cool



Rama tax.

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would be cool if he would make an .stl file so people could 3d print their own custom back plates :slight_smile:

also, wouldn’t it be good to know what color KATE caps they plan to release? That would make the color choice easier for me.