RAMA Kate Keycaps

Launch imminent!

Also, from the Insta post:

“They’re made from a blend of ABS/PBT and have a double-shot PC (Polycarbonate) core/legend”



Well that’s neat. Can’t say I’ve heard of polycarb legends before - or even heard of it being in caps at all. Seems like it would be great both for solid colors and clear light transmission, but I’m assuming it’s harder to work with given the consistency issues with the PC Aqua King stems.

RAMA has always struck me as a brand that associates itself with perfectionism - so if someone’s going to get it right, I’d include them on the short-list. Color me intrigued.

The surfaces seem like they’d be a little narrow for me, but I’ve been surprised by profiles before, so I’m keen on giving these a shot. I’m always happy to see the selection of high-quality options further expand.


Live now!

I have been waiting for this for a while. A bit disappointed no alt color num pad enter. Anyway they did a great job with initial color offerings. Honestly I think they are all all pretty nice maybe heavy industry dark is the winner for me. I am definately going to be in for one set (I just need to fight my urges and stick to only one)

Edit: My brain is working overtime trying to justify purchase, the case included with the keycaps retails for $60. While the case is nice it doesn’t matter much to me, perhaps I can order 2 sets and sell the cases making them $100 ea.


Also trying to fight urge to get two. I may just go for the classic heavy industry. I have a soya u80 on the way though so the soya on soya monochrome look is very tempting as well.


Nice!! I’ll likely pick up Milk (BOW) :slight_smile:

I’ll be in for just one set this round: Even if it’s reasonable to assume quality, there are no prototypes in the wild yet (I think). To boot, RAMA will almost certainly put out more sets in very attractive colorways :thinking:

I’m a bit disappointed that they’ve not mentioned any kind of estimate for production time. I really hoped that they had been manufacturing in the background and would have some in stock caps when announced. I don’t mind paying a bit more if they’re going to be here soon.

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Not gonna lie, I want the TUBS & CASE


I think I am in for Heavy Industry Dark.

I know the intention was that their injection molded products (Kara and Kate) would sort of stay in stock eventually but I assume pandemic is blocking them from getting that pipeline going.


These look great but the compatibility is terrible. I can understand not having sub-60 support, but they don’t even have 1u ctrl/alt etc? I guess you can just use the keys with the dots on them but still. And wish they had split spacebars even if it was as an extra kit.

I just kind of assumed that was what was in all cheap shine through caps, but I dunno

The compatibility looks pretty decent to me, it ought to at least cover all their keyboards and most standard layouts, you can’t expect everyone to cover every goofy layout you can come up with, especially with the first version. Despite how much noise you see about it 40% is still pretty niche. I wouldn’t be surprised if add on kits come later

I was ready to order two but the colorways are pretty underwhelming imo. Yolch is one of my favorite colorways so I’ll probably get the yolch knockoff one

I’ll probably end up ordering a set and using the included case with TUBS


I might have it wrong, but I think shine-through legends tend to be POM or a POM blend.

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Agreed, which is why I said I understand them not having sub-60 support. But I don’t understand why they don’t have 1u ctrl/alt. Seems very basic and not at all niche.

I guess the first kit is meant mostly for their own keyboards which don’t use 1u ctrl/alt keys. Just hoping they’ll expand with more kits in the future.

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What layout would use those? All I can think of are 1.25 or 1.5 for those keys

I sure am tempted to get a set in Soya for my Soya u80 too… I have Soya Kara already as well lol.
I have things like GMK Sixes and GMK Yuru on the way that could be used for my Soya keyboards…It’s all so tempting…
Financially, I should wait for those and go for Kate in R2 or R3…

Fight the FOMO


Any Tsangan/Tsangan-bottom-row layout, I think?

Those are 1u windows key and 1.5 ctrl/alt