RAMA Thermal and Thermal+ Pre-Order

So RAMA opened preorders for the Thermal HHKB and Thermal+ 65% keyboard today. Sad to see silver replaced with Milk/Soya, but the Rose is quite a cool addition.

Interestingly, hotswap only PCB on the Thermal 60 (solderable available on the Thermal+)



… I still got time. :nerd_face:


Soya has that old school beige look but boy Rose looks so good in the renders.

Soya with silver plate looks wrong. Going to need a black plate for sure. Really bummed no silver case on this round.

Not sure I like the 65 percent version. The upcoming Cary TKL dolch-inspired board on KBDFans (Epoch 80) pulls off the vent look better for me.


April 9th 2021
“Oh no, I forgot to get round 2 thermal run”


You spooked me! I got three calendar reminders set now.


procrastination rears its ugly head.

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Pretty good look at the Milk + polished aluminum plate:

And this:


I’m a little bummed they aren’t offering the red plate again for the black case. I’m thinking about buying an extra plate and trying my hand at a wet sanded enamel paint finish in a color of my choosing. I know it will add a little thickness (and I will have to tape off the inside of the switch cutouts), but as long as it’s evenly coated, it should still work.


I’m also a bit confused about the layout options. From everything that I see on the site and from recent youtube vids, the hotswap pcb is red and has a fixed split backspace. I know the plate was made to accommodate the WT60-Bx solderable pcb (and other Wilba 60% pcbs) which can utilize a full size backspace. But what is throwing me off is that the seq2 pcb extras page which should only have the WT60-B hotswap version, shows a pic of a white pcb with an option for full backspace. Is this just the wrong picture (of the Bx version) or is the extra hotswap pcb different in some way than the bundled one. Honestly, I don’t think you could squeeze in the extra hotswap socket to make this possible anyway.

Well, Caps-Unlocked CU65 supposedly achieved (aside of ISO/ANSI enter) also split and full backspace on the hotswap board. See image here.

CU is not Rama nor Wilba, so I yet have to see if this actually works though. They yet have to deliver the board after multiple delays.

The render is wrong, it should be a render of a white WT60-B with hotswap sockets.

Thank you for the clarification. Is there any chance that the WT60-Bx PCB’s will be available for purchase between now and fulfillment?

No, but something like the WT60-G-GRAPHITE available at Keycult and Salvun can work.


Damn. The Moon thermal looks good.

Seriously. I was thinking about the Kuro color since my U80-A is in Moon, but I’m having images of a Moon Thermal with a black plate sporting GMK WoB or JTK Griseann, flashing before my eyes.

I’m really conflicted on buying this over buying keycaps.

I’m assuming that also goes for the WT60-G variant on Mekanisk?

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Bit the bullet, in for a Kuro Thermal+ with a solder PCB! :eyes: