Recommendations for linear switches

I want to find some good linear switches but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?

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You’re extremely lucky that there are a TON of excellent linear switches out there. That also makes this tough to nail down initially so I have a few questions that can help guide us:

  • What’s your per switch budget (approximation is fine)?
  • Do you know roughly what weight of spring you prefer?
  • Are you comfortable with switch modding or would you prefer to use them stock?

Any of the new Gateron milky Pros line linears on the more budget end, then something JWK/Durock made on the pricier side. There is also Zeal’s linear switch Tealios which are very good but very expensive. So expensive that to me they are not worth it unless you are getting them for $0.70 when Zeal has pre orders up for the next run,

Honestly though it’s kinda hard to recommend with more than just general info going off your post. What sound are you looking for from the switch, what board will they be going in, what material plate will be used, & how is the plate mounted in the case? With that info we can help you a good bit more & give some recommendations of what actual switches could be nice for you. Versus just suggesting a good switch manufacturer &/or some of their better lines.

Edit: @leemu’s questions are very good ones also that could help us further narrow down individual switches for you.


hi, so I’m looking for a affordable linear switch, one that would have more of a clacky sound, if you know what I mean. switch budget might be like around 0.49 dollars (this is exchange from rupiah) and i think i prefer maybe 63 g or something close to that. I can also mod the switches, like lubing and etc.

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I’d highly recommend gat milky pros for stock linears at a good price point (63g-ish, to boot). Jwick blacks also sound/feel quite nice (all-nylon housing is pretty clacky depending on the build), and if you don’t mind clear/PC top housing there are other Jwick options. Additionally, some of the KTT “premiums” like Strawberry are supposed to be pretty good. Also, some lesser-known chinese manus are supposedly bringing the heat but it’s tough to source those outside taobao. It’s a great time for stock linears!


hmmm, thank you for your suggestions, i will consider it. Thanks for posting on my topic!!

@smshark Has some solid suggestions. I’d also throw Momoka Frogs in for consideration. At least locally, they’re right at the price point that you’re wanting to be at and fit the sound profile that you’re looking for (in my opinion).

would you guys recommend durock poms? I also took that in consideration


Absolutely. The only reason I didn’t recommend them is that they’re typically a bit over your target price but if that can flex a little then they’re an excellent choice. I’d also include Cobalts in there as well. Very similar to POMs but with a different spring. The force curve on the Cobalts is quite flat so that may or may not be your thing but the tolerances are some of the best I’ve seen anywhere.


Hi, we kinda just talked about that here Higher-pitched switches


thank you for the info

alright, ill check it out, thnx