Ryloo "Hello" Keyboard Kit on Drop.com (Apple M0110-inspired)

“Inspired by the original Macintosh keyboard—the M0110, first released in 1984—the Ryloo Studio “Hello” M0110 Mechanical Keyboard Kit delivers a throwback in design and step forward in features. For durable and ergonomic typing, this kit includes a 60-percent universal PCB, a 6-degree angled case made of 6061 grade aluminum, and a gold anodized aluminum top-mounted plate for a universal typing experience. Faithfully recreating the original M0110’s look and feel, it features a PVD-coated brass weight, with a luxurious engraved “Hello” design. Bringing things into the 21st century, the “Hello” M0110 is per-key LED-compatible, QMK-programmable, and equipped with a USB-C port. Included with the kit are stabilizers and rubber feet.”

Just saw this show up on Drop today. As some of you may recall, I am a big fan of the M0110 keyboard, and didn’t get in on the “Modern M0110” group buy that ended a while back, so I am very intrigued by this. The case comes in two different versions: an HHKB one that mimics the original Apple keyboard, and a more universal one. I would probably have to get the HHKB version just because I don’t think the “universal” one feels enough like an M0110. The HHKB version appears to just straight up use an Apple logo on the left blocker, which I like esthetically but there’s no way that’s going to fly, right? Maybe they only have one photo of the HHKB version because they’re trying to have it go under the radar.

I don’t personally find the color choices very appealing. The white and grey ones are the only ones I would consider.


Here is a YouTube video in Chinese that shows how the board goes together.


Probably for the better tbh, I did and it’ll have been two years in July and I’m not sure I’ll have a keyboard by then…

I don’t really visit drop regularly anymore, so i totally missed this one, it looks pretty sweet to me, I like the color options and non-hhkb version. I would really hope that the apple logo isn’t final/real, that seems pretty janky and has a kind of knock-off feel to it imo.


I wonder if this will ship before the Modern M0110 :rofl:


I unfortunately am still waiting for my Modern M0110 to ship :disappointed:
If I hadn’t participated on that GB I would be definitely considering this one. The e-white option looks very nice.


I’m in the same boat, I’m already waiting for that one…

What this one’s missing that the “Modern M0110” has is that nice beige cerakote finish, for the retro aesthetics.

Well, good for my wallet, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am very tempted by this as well! I might jump on the HHKB version also cause I don’t have a HHKB layout board & I agree it feels more like the OG M0110! Not sure about the Apple logo personally, but I doubt that’ll be on the actual boards. Copyright & how fast Apple is to claim on it & all.

Oof, yeah I just read up on the issues that GB has been having! Feel bad for the vendor & those who ordered on that one, but at least the vendor is keeping communication & rolling them out when they get them in. Still glad I had to pass on that one though. I guess at least the Modern M0110 has support for ALPS, that’s something to point to rationalize the wait.

Could not resist this GB. This design has been one of my favorites and the option of E-White, consider me sold!
I just am really nervous about joining a GB that is this far out, considering our current situation. I really hope this pulls through :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I want a rainbow apple logo emblem on it, best logo. The “hello” weight on the back is so cute, too!

This drop is going to be ending in 3 days and there are still some unknowns about it. It seems like they will not be having the Apple logo on the HHKB version, but as of yet there is no answer about what will be there in its place. Nothing? Another badge of some kind? No idea.

I haven’t placed an order yet because I’m still undecided about whether to get the universal or HHKB version. I don’t want to use the actual HHKB layout, but I would be fine with just using a normal 60% layout and sacrificing the keys on the bottom left and right sides to make it look more like the original M0110. Would that work? There is some discussion in the comments about whether you would need a 6u or 6.25u spacebar. If it’s 6u it would affect the keysets that are compatible, and that might change my mind about it.

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The lack of communication helped me decide to leave this GB, as much as I wanted this board. Embed up going with the Candybar r2 GB instead.


Yeah, honestly, I might end up with a Candybar as my first 40%ish.

Surprisingly the Candybar will be about the same weight! And hotswap was a major bonus because I like to change up thre switches every once in a while.

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I can understand people being put off by the lack of info. But according to a post today, the HHKB version will just have blank blockers similar to the Modern M0110 instead of a badge, which is fine with me. I ended up ordering the HHKB version in gray, with an extra PCB. I had $20 from the new rewards program that Drop started recently, so I guess that was nice.

Part of me wanted to get the universal version because I still prefer dedicated arrow keys, and that would be possible with that version, but in the end the entire purpose of me getting this board is as a tribute to the M0110, and the universal version just doesn’t look enough like it to me.

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Some people on Drop are upset about this board because they didn’t package it very well, and they also didn’t include the promised stabilizers (or the additional daughterboard/connection cable that was supposed to come with additional PCBs if you ordered one). Still, I’m pretty happy with mine so far. I built it tonight with 67g Zealios and put GMK Dots on it, and I think it looks pretty nice.

I’m glad that I ordered the extra PCB, though, because due to my own incompetence I ended up ripping off a pad on the first PCB while trying to desolder a switch after realizing that I had installed one of the stabilizers incorrectly. I’ll also say that it’s surprisingly difficult to figure out where the individual keys for GMK Dots go once you have them all mixed up. I think I got all of the rows correct…


I just posted a question about the compatibility of these keyboards. Unfortunately, I can’t leave a link here even if it points to the same site.

I would love to hear your replies.

Where did you post it? How about asking here?

It’s listed under custom keyboards. Are the modern M0110 PCBs compatible with the original Apple M0110 case?"