SA Retro is back with front legend alphas!

I am so pumped to finally see this set back in its original form. Having purchased SA Retro off of Mechmarket with a dog chewed “J” key I’m excited to get a fresh set.

Looks like it’s an in stock sale so hopefully there are plenty to go around.


Love it. Would buy immediately but I’ve had too much to drink. Will look it over tomorrow


Nice selection of kitting. I appreciate that the ortho/40s modifier kits have more keys than a 40%.

Damn it is expensive … But ordered full retro set anyway, it is such a classic to have :smiley:

I love this set. I guess it’s not too much to hope that SA 1976 might come back one day…


Blew $400 - almost all in. Skipped the burgundy mods.

Alternate function and lime accents are awesome.

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Yeah, I definitely spent more than I wanted and will have a lot of overlap with the kits I already have. But I was missing so many keys and now I’ll have great coverage!

I wish they did a render with the alt function kit.


Did the same and woops, close to 400$ !

I would have loved for this to have been available when I built the Command65.

So while it is out of stock at the moment, SP does make more copies of their sets from time to time (not just for group buys) - I think the only reason Retro got an announcement is the side legends. You can sign up for email notices when they re-stock particular sets - I got my first set from them that way years ago.

Actually, I’d just barely missed buying Dolch in stock on their site - reached out to customer service to see if I could somehow reserve a set, and they found an extra one they had laying around for me.


I think SP knows they are the only manufacturer out there currently who can get away with these prices. Still thinking about it…




I’m in a little over $200 for 40% coverage and lime. Well worth it. I’ve been waiting forever for this set to re-run. :chefkiss:

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That’s a great idea. Some of these sets are just so good. Character is the thing I look for in most keeb stuff and these sets undeniably have it.

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The front legends are pad printed right ?

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Yep - just like on the original. Plenty durable when not directly subjected to finger oils and friction.


giphy (3)


There wasnt much as it’s out of stock. Missed it this time again.

Wow. Alphas are sold out quick. Maybe they’ll do another run.

They will make more. Just a matter of time.