SA Symbiosis R2


Hello people of Keebtalk!

I would like to introduce you to SA Symbiosis, a retro SA keyset that returns with a new design.

Link to product page


I’m hhkbp2, a back-end programmer. I got into the Lisp world many years ago, and I’m fond of the Lisp machine since then. Looking back to 1970~1980, Lisp machine was developed as both a platform for Lisp programming language and first single-user workstastion. It was poineered many now-commonplace technologies - including effective garbage collection, laser printing, windowing systems, etc. Lisp machine faded away in 1990s. But it’s still memorized by many Lisp fans. And one of its keyboards, the Space-Cadet keyboard, is famous among keyboard enthusiasts due to its unique theme and layout. In 2015, xblackdog designed a SA keycap set Symbiosis, which has a similar color theme to the Space-Cadet keyboard. Recently I got xblackdog’s permission to run it again as Round 2. To pay homage to the Lisp machine and its Space-Cadet keyboard, I redesign this keyset to reflect the recently popular keyboards in the community.


The first thing that I and xblackdog wanted to change is the profile. Previous run of this keyset was all R3 profile. Since sculpted profile is more popular nowadays, we would like to change the profile to sculpted 1-1-2-3-4-3. During the IC stage, I get to know that many people still like the flat profile and I kept a flat profile all-in-one kit as well. I redrew all the alphas legends for round 2 to get a closer match to the legends on the Space-Cadet keyboard. I added many kits to support a wide range of recent keyboards, from WK, WKL, Fullsize, 96, 1800, 60%, 65%, 75%, HHKB, 40s, ortholiner, Ergodox, etc. And I added kits to reflect the theme, including Space-Cadet keyboard special legends, hands and roman numeral legends, and a novelties kit to take in these concepts like Lisp programming language, Emacs, hacker jargon, etc.

There are too many updates to list. You could take a look at all the kits here.


I have been running the IC for SA Symbiosis in this Geekhack thread for quite a while, as some of you might already know. During the IC, I received many feedbacks from the community and it benefited a lot for this keyset design to reach the community. So far all the feedbacks have been taken in, although not every request was fulfilled. There are many restrictions to run a practical GB. For example, there are too many combination of different keys in different colors and profiles, but I need to maintain a reasonable total kit number, so that I have to leave those ideas like all gray modifiers keys, R3 function row, etc. and just focus on the mainstream. At the end I believe we keep all the basics. Thanks to everyone who gave support and feedback to this project.

GB and Vendors

The group buy is scheduled to launch in Kono Store at late September or early October. The exact day will be decided a few days ahead, so I will update when we have a specific date. If you want to get update to your email, you could join the waitlist on its corresponding product webpage in Kono Store.

Link to product page

Besides Kono Store, we will have other vendors to proxy orders for different areas: Zfrontier for China and Asia, and Mykeyboard for EU. Currently Kono Store is working on the prices. And More renders are coming.

Please let me know if you have any question or feedback. I’m open as always to hear from you. :wink:

Kits renders:

more renders in this album.

Thank you for reading!


looks awesome and +1 for having a norde kit!


Like it! Def in!


I am excited that this will be in sculpted SA profile :smile:

Planning on filling out this layout, and it looks like I’d need to get the following kits:

  • Alphas
  • Modifiers
  • Non-standard (for stepped caps lock and 1.75u shift)
  • 40s (for split spacebar and extra Fn key just to have unique legends for my bottom row)

Also considering the following for funsies:

  • Choices (for the PrtSc key next to right shift)
  • Spacekeys (in case I want a different color for the split space)

This is gonna be a costly purchase :sweat_smile:


I guess you could get just Cadet + Spacebars kits instead of 40s + Spacebars to save some money if you don’t need the legends to be precise. And Non-standard kit has R4 1u key for the key next to right shift.


I do like somewhat precise legends, though RUB OUT would be fun to have on a board :slight_smile: I also just now noticed that 40s has an R4 1u HACK key that I could use for the key next to right shift. Choices is so neat, though, so I might just pick it up anyway for fun :smile: